The researcher at the Department of Physics in Palestine Technical University- Kadoorie, Dr. Ishaq Musa, published a joint paper written in collaboration with researchers in the United Arab Emirates University (UAEU), in a scientific journal under the title “Synthesis and Length Dependent Photoluminescence Property of Zinc Oxide Nanorods.”

In this context, Dr. Musa explained that the research focused on the development of a new method in the synthesis of ZnO Nanorods crystals based on the study of the optical properties of ZnO nanorods such as absorption and photoluminescence.

According to the PNN, Dr. Musa also added that his research tackled the change in the intensity of light emission depends on length and size of Nanorods, all the while referring to the low cost of ZnO manufacturing in comparison to other materials.

The results of this research can be applied in a number of fields including laser and light-emitting Diodes, Photovoltaic cells, and gas sensors and FET transistors.

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