Official spokesperson of the Hamas government, Dr. Ghazi Hamad, said
that the coming hours might carry indications for a possible solution
for the current crises between the president and the government for the
formation of a national unity government.

“Talks are positive, there is still a chance to overcome the differences”, Hamad stated, “the talks did not return to square zero”.

Hamad also said that there are several Arabic countries that are mediating between Hamas and Fateh on the formation of the National Unity Government.

He warned that the statements by some officials regarding dissolving the government will only lead the area into further crises.

Regarding the talks on the release of the captured Israeli soldier by resistance fighters in Gaza, Hamad stated that the Egyptian delegates are the main mediators in this issue, adding that talks are ongoing to solve the crisis as soon as possible.

Hamad held Israel responsible for obstructing the talks, and rejecting any prisoner swap deal.