The Palestinian Journalists Bloc slammed the Israeli army's abduction of Hasan Abdul-Jawad, from Deheisha refugee camp in Bethlehem, on Monday at dawn. The bloc considered the abduction as a direct violation to the basic principles of human rights.

Reporter Abdul-Jawad is the seventh reporter who is imprisoned by Israel. Soldiers broke into his home, searched it and detained several members of his family.

The Journalists Bloc described this incident as an attack against the freedom of expression and the Fourth Geneva Conversions. The Journalists Bloc stated that Israel is escalating its against the reporters and media agencies in Palestine, and demanded the Palestinian Security devices not to carry similar violations, and to release Mosab Qatalouni, Khalil Mabrook, Aseed Amarna and Ala' Al Teety, who are currently detained by the Palestinian security forces in the West Bank.

The bloc said that the following reporters are currently detained by Israel; Hasan Abdul-Jawad from Bethlehem, Khalid Al Zawawi from Nablus, Nizar Ramadan from Hebron, Sami Al Assi from Nablus, Mohammad Halaiqa from Hebron, Tareq Abu Zeid from Jenin, and Waleed Khalid.

It is worth mentioning that Fateh movement also slammed the arrest of Abdul-Jawad and called for his immediate release.