The Israeli army invaded the Balata refugee camp located in the northern West Bank city of Nablus on Friday morning and killed a local resistance leader.

Hanni Al Ka’bie, 22, the leader of the Al Aqsa brigades, the armed wing of the Fatah party, in Balata refugee camp, was killed during the morning attack local sources reported.

At least 30 Israeli army military vehicles stormed the camp and imposed a total curfew, soldiers opened fire at residents homes and did not allow them to leave their homes witnesses said.

Troops then surrounded a house in the refugee camp that belongs to Al Assy family, and fired bombs into it before kidnapping the owner of the house and another man who was injured near the house.

Fadi Al Zaghah, a paramedic for the Palestinian Red Crescent Society, said that soldiers did not allow ambulance cars to reach the area of the attack, he added that soldiers kidnapped Samer Abu Liail who was injured during the attack.

When the army left medics and residents entered the shelled house to fined Hanni Al Ka’bie killed on the roof top, Al Zaghah reported.

Al Ka’bie turned him self in to the Palestinian Authority several month ago during a deal between the Israeli army and the PA, in which the army said that if Palestinian fighter hand over their weapons to the PA and stay in the PA headquarters for several month the army will stop hunting them, last week Ka’bie left the PA headquarters in Nablus along with other dozen fighters of Fatah in protest of the Palestinian Authority bad treatment.

Israel blames Ka’bie of organizing an operation to poison food at a restaurant in Israel after recruiting two Palestinians who work in that restaurant; Ka’bie dined those allegations during several occasions.

Translated by: Ghassan Bannoura – IMEMC News Room