The Palestinian death toll out of Israeli army attacks on Gaza today has risen to three including a civilian man, as a small-scale incursion is taking place in southern Gaza.
Medical sources reported that three Palestinians including a farmer, have been killed in less than 24 hours in different parts of the Gaza Strip.

Mohammad Abu Daqqa, was shot dead in the head after the Israeli army incurred into the Faraheen neighborhood of the Khan Younis city, in southern Gaza Strip today morning.

Also, three other men, said to be resistance fighters, were wounded in the Israeli incursion into the Faraheen area, as the total number of those wounded in the past 24 hours mounted to 10, medics added.

In the Rafah city in southern Gaza Strip, an Israeli drone fired a missile on a Palestinian man, while walking down in the streets of Shaboura neighborhood in Rafah, killing him instantly and wounding critically a passerby 13-year-old girl.

Witnesses said that the shelling from the air targeted Nafed Mansour, 40, of the ruling Hamas party. Mansour works for the Alsalah Islamic Benevolent Society, linked to Hamas.

Yesterday, Awad Alqiq, 38, of the Saraya Alquds brigades, the armed wing of the Islamic Jihad group, was targeted with an air strike, while inside a metal workshop in the Alza’arba neighborhood of Rafah city in southern Gaza Strip.

Meanwhile, Emad Qdaih, 12 year-old, was shot and wounded in the head after a number of Israeli tanks, accompanied by two bulldozers, began today morning bulldozing Palestinian-owned houses in the Faraheen neighborhood on Gaza-Israel border lines in eastern Khan Younis city to the south of Gaza Strip.

Medics confirmed that Qdaih sustained critical injury and that he is now lying at the intensive care unit of the Nasser hospital in Khan Younis.

Witnesses said that the Israeli bulldozers razed vast areas of Palestinian-owned farm lands in the area and that Israeli soldiers conducted arrests campaign among the local inhabitants.

The Saraya Alquds brigades, said in a statement, faxed to press, that their fighters managed to fire mortar shells towards the invading forces, as the Israeli tanks were rolling deep into the Palestinian side of the border fence with Israel.

The latest deadly Israeli army attacks came few hours after the representatives of 12 Palestinian resistance factions agreed in Cairo yesterday to a ceasefire deal with Israel, the ruling Hamas party submitted last Thursday to Egyptian mediators.

Last Friday, Israel downplayed the Hamas offer, branding it ‘an attempt by Hamas to rearm and reorganize after recent fighting with the Israeli army’.