The Russian Foreign Ministry issued a statement warning that implementing Israeli order #1650 regarding the deportation of thousands of residents from the West Bank could lead to further escalation and tension in the region. The new Israeli ruling came into effect on Tuesday April 13. The Ministry said that this ruling raises concern, and could even lead to further escalation in the Palestinian territories and further deterioration in the relations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank.

The Ministry also stated that the Israeli conducts are negatively impacting the efforts of the International Community and the Quartet Committee (The United States, the United Nations, the European Union and Russia) to resume the stalled peace process.

It called on Israel to reconsider its decision that would lead to deportation thousands of Palestinians in the first stage, and warned that such conducts predetermine the outcome of peace talks and could lead to serious escalation.

The Israeli decision targets Palestinians who were not granted identity cards, international spouses of Palestinians, Palestinian spouses of Arab residents of Israel and any “undocumented” person in the occupied West Bank.

Such documentations is supposed to be granted by Israel after the residents file the proper papers, but Israel refrains from approving such application and in most cases does not even look into them.