The Israeli army, and personnel of the Jerusalem City Council, delivered late on Sunday demolition notices targeting five Palestinian homes in Ein al-Louza and Be’er Ayyoub neighborhoods, in Silwan town, in occupied East Jerusalem.The Wadi Hilweh Information Center in Silwanic (Silwanic) has reported that the soldiers invaded the two neighborhoods, and took pictures of several roads and homes.

The Center added that the soldiers glued the orders on five Palestinian homes, including an under construction building.
The family that owns the under construction building started building it four years ago, and had to stop after receiving similar orders.

Eyewitnesses said three of the homes were built in Ein al-Louza, nearly two years ago, and their owners have been inhabiting them since then.

In Be’er Ayyoub, soldiers glued an order on the home of resident Walid Ahmad Abdul-Razeq, granting him 30 days to appeal.

Abdul-Razeq told Silwanic that this is the fifth order he receives despite the fact that he never built or added any room to his home, and that the order did not even include any name.

“This home belongs to my father Ahmad Abdul-Razeq, he lived here with my family for the last 45 years,” Walid said, “He even got married in this home; my father died nine years ago.”

“Now, I live here with my wife, our five kids, and my mother”, he added, “The oldest of my children is 15, while the youngest is just two years of age.”