A number of Israeli extremists attacked, earlier on Tuesday at dawn, three Palestinians, including two brothers in the al-Misrara Street, in occupied Jerusalem, wounding one of them, before the police arrived at the scene and detained the two other residents.Resident Firas Mojahed, 45, said the extremists attacked him, his brother Mohammad, 37, and their friend Hasan al-Julani, 28 years of age, hurled stones on them while cursing at them, and struck him on the head with a baton.

The Israeli Police called for an ambulance that moved Firas to the Hadassah Israeli medical center in Jerusalem, and took his brother and their friend to the al-Maskobiyya police station.

They were released on bail later; the police did not detain any of the Israeli attackers.

On Saturday evening, Israeli extremists assaulted several Palestinians of the al-Masri family, in Jerusalem, while driving on Road #1.

Resident Ahmad al-Masri said the fanatics hurled stones on the cars before assaulting them with batons, and that one of the assailants was waving a pocket knife.

Al-Masri added that the police confiscated the knife, and instead of detaining the attackers, briefly imprisoned him, and his brother Hasan.

He stated that the fanatics were also shouting and cursing at his pregnant wife, and his mother, and that his wife, Sabreen, suffered a miscarriage directly after the attack.