Israeli forces kidnapped 28 Palestinians, including nine minors, from across the West Bank districts overnight, according to local and security sources.In Tulkarem city and the nearby Shwakeh Neighborhood, armed Israeli soldiers abducted four Palestinians, including two 18-year-old twin sisters.

According to WAFA correspondence, a large military force reportedly raided a number of Palestinian homes, searching it thoroughly, before detaining two twin sisters identified as Diana and Nadya Khwaled, 18.

Meanwhile, local Hamza Hammed was kidnapped from the Shwakeh neighborhood, to the north of the city, whereas Mohammed Salman was taken from the southern part of the city.

In Hebron, forces took three Palestinians, including a minor, during a raid into the town of Tarqumiya to the west.

The detainees were identified as Ala’a Dababseh, 24, Ra’ef Qabajha, 24, and Hassan Mrqatan, 16.

Forces also abducted a 15-year-old student near Abu Irish Israeli military checkpoint, in the Old City of Hebron. Local sources reported that Osama Abu Qwader, 15, was taken following clashes that broke out with Israeli troops near the school zone in Hebron’s old city.

Furthermore, forces took six Palestinians from the Hebron area. They were identified as Younis Abu Rmeleh, 19, Bilal Ashour, 19, Hamza Qawasmi, 19, Ibrahim Sha’rawi, 21, Hamdan Ewaidat, 23.

In the meantime, Israeli soldiers broke into three Palestinian-owned homes in the Ramallah town of Silwad, interrogating occupants and thoroughly searching all three homes. However no arrests were reported. Forces were said to have used police dogs while searching the homes.

Forces also kidnapped four minors aged 17 from the town of Kharbatha al Misbah to the west of Ramallah. They were identified as Mohammed Kayed, Mohammed al-Habal, and Qosay and Mohammed Harfoosh.

Three more Palestinians were taken from the Ramallah area of Beit Doqo, including an injured local. They were identified as Mohammed Marrar, 19, Ali Hasan, 21, and Dawood Rayyan, 34.

In the Jenin area, armed soldiers took two locals identified as Hashem Shalabi, 38, and Fadi Za’rour, 30.

In Jerusalem, police kidnapped six Palestinians, including four children. They were identified as Mansour Salim, 18, and his brother Mahmoud, 16, in addition to Mohammed Abu farha, 17, Ibrahim al-Rajbi, 13, Ahmad Ghaith, 12, and Ishaq Ghtit, 23.

The Commission of Prisoners’ Affairs (CPA) said, on Tuesday, that at least 6,830 Palestinians were detained by Israeli troops in the occupied Palestinian Territory since the beginning of the year 2015, marking the highest rate of daily arrests in five years.

It said 3.285 Palestinians were detained in the past three months alone since the beginning of violent unrest in early October.

To be noted, the Palestinian Detainees and Ex-Detainees Committee Studies and Documentation Unit said in a report that Israel has detained a total of 5,934 children over the past five years.

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