Karim Ajwa, a lawyer with the Palestinian Detainees’ Committee, has reported, Wednesday, that several ailing Palestinian detainees, suffering with serious illnesses and health conditions, have joined the hunger strike, and are threatening to stop taking their medications.

Ajwa stated that among the ailing detainees who joined the strike, are Sa’id Mosallam, Othman Abu Kharj, Ibrahim Mustafa, Yasser Abu Turk and Nazeeh Othman, and added that all of them are already seriously ill.

He further stated that the detainees’ suffering, the lack of adequate medical treatment, and ongoing violations, have pushed them to join the strike, despite the high risks threatening their very own lives.

Ajwa visited many detainees in Asqalan Israeli prison, and was informed that the Prison Administration has confiscated most of their clothes and belongings, and that each of them has only been left with one blanket, one change of clothes and a toothbrush.

The Prison Authority has also escalated the invasions and violent searches of the detainees’ rooms, in addition to repeatedly strip-searching them in addition to forcing many into solitary confinement and depriving them from sleeping.

The ailing detainees said they will even stop talking medications, especially if Israel resorts to force-feeding them, and intend to continue their strike until their legitimate, basic human rights demands, are met.

In related news, lawyer Hiba Masalha of the Palestinian Detainees Committee, managed to visit several female political prisoners in HaSharon Israel prison, where 58 women are held, and they told her that they will start returning their meals once every ten days for now, but could join the hunger strike at any given moment.

Furthermore, masked Israeli soldiers invaded Section 14 of Ofer Israeli Prison, and conducted extensive and violent searches of the detainees’ rooms, beds and belongings.

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