The Palestinian Prisoners’ Society (PPS) has reported that Palestinian political prisoner, Khader Adnan, continues the hunger strike for the 83rd day, despite his deteriorating health, protecting his continued detention.

The PPS said Adnan, 44, is determined to continue the strike despite his deteriorating health, demanding his freedom since he is not facing charges.

The PPS warned that Adnan is held at the infamous Ramla Prisoner Clinic, which lacks basic supplies and physicians and is seriously ill.

It added that the Israeli authorities refuse to talk to or listen to his demands; however, he remained determined to continue the hunger strike despite the serious health risks that could lead to his death.

On Thursday, the military court in Ofer prison postponed a hearing to discuss an appeal filed by Adnan’s lawyer, demanding his release, and decided to hold a hearing this coming Sunday.

Adnan, from Arraba town, south of the northern West Bank city of Jenin, was imprisoned by Israel 12 times and spent about eight years in the occupation prisons, most of which were under administrative detention.

In 2004, Adnan held a hunger strike for 25 days, followed by 66 days in 2012, 54 days in the year 2015, and 58 days in the year 2018; he ended each strike after agreements for his release were reached.

The detainee is a married father of nine children (1-14 years of age) with a bachelor’s degree in mathematical economics.