On Tuesday, a group of fanatic colonialist settlers, illegally squatting on Palestinian lands in the Northern Plains of the occupied West Bank, invaded and occupied Palestinian lands.

Human Rights activist Aref Daraghma stated that the colonists invaded privately-owned Palestinian lands, and installed water tanks before planting trees in Ehmayyir village of the al-Farisiyya area.

Daraghma added that the attack took place just a few meters away from the tents of the local Palestinian Bedouin families.

It is worth mentioning that the colonists have recently escalated their violations in the village, by targeting the locals in addition to planting trees on Palestinian lands and installing structures as part of their ongoing attempts to occupy the lands after removing the locals.

Nearly a month ago, the colonists installed a tent in the area, less than 400 meters away from Palestinian homes, in an attempt to surround and occupy hundreds of Dunams of Palestinian lands.

The attacks by Israeli colonists and soldiers against the Palestinians in the area and across the West Bank, include assaulting shepherds, killing livestock, uprooting lands, and flooding them with sewage.

They also include Israeli military training using live fire, shells, and explosives, causing excessive damage, including massive fires, in addition to leading to dozens of casualties, including fatalities, mainly due to explosives dropped by the soldiers during training.

The army also frequently demolish homes and structures in the area, rendering dozens of residents homeless.