Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has pledged to support a plan to build new bypass roads and deploy new measures to “strengthen protection” for Israeli settlers in the West Bank, at 200 million New Israeli shekels (NIS).

This came after arguments in the Knesset’s Finance Committee meeting, in the presence of Netanyahu, who was strongly criticized by families whose sons were killed in the streets of the West Bank.

They demanded  “strengthening their protection by creating bypass roads” away from the centers of Palestinian towns.

Israeli settlers are  demanding the installation of more mobile phone antennas in West Bank Areas, as well, according to the PNN.

Among the roads planned to be built, one is in Huwara town south of Nablus, in order to avoid the passage of Israeli settlers from the center of the town of Huwara, as that area witnesses continuous clashes with Illegal Israeli settlers.

Reportedly, over 800,000 illegal Israeli settlers are in the West Bank amid an unprecedented escalation in Israeli settlement expansion in recent years.