The Palestinian Prisoner’s Society (PPS) has reported that Israeli soldiers have abducted, on Monday at dawn, 21 Palestinians, from their homes in different parts of the occupied West Bank.

The Hebron office PPS, in the southern part of the West Bank, said the soldiers invaded many homes in the city, and abducted Mohammad Hasan al-Ja’bari, 41, Fuad Rashid Eskafi, 34, Musleh Abu Sbeih, Ammar al-Jamal and Mohammad Hazem Qfeisha, 22.

|Army Abducts Nine Palestinians In Hebron|

It added that several army vehicles invaded Beit Ummar town, north of Hebron, before the soldiers searched and ransacked homes in the town’s center and al-Hara at-Tihta area, and abducted four Palestinians, identified as former political prisoners, Moayyad Waleed Ekhlayyel, 24, and Mohannad Ali Abu Ayyash, 20, in addition to Odai Bassam Za’aqeeq, 16, and Khaled Mahmoud Sleibi, 15.

The soldiers also searched homes in occupied Jerusalem, and abducted Arin Za’anin, and two former political prisoners, identified as Osama al-Hamdan and Nour Shalabi.

In addition, the Jenin office of the PPS said the soldiers invaded homes in Jenin refugee camp, and abducted three Palestinians, identified as Ahmad Fakhri Hweil, Tareq Abu Sbeih and Talal al-Hosary.

The soldiers also invaded many neighborhoods in Jenin city, and installed roadblocks on several roads leading to Zabbouba village and Ya’bad town, before stopping and searching dozens of cars, and interrogated many Palestinians while inspecting their ID cards.

|Soldiers Abduct Seven Palestinians In Jenin, Qalqilia And Bethlehem|

In Qalqilia, in northern West Bank, the PPS said that the soldiers abducted Ezzeddin Nofal, 18, and Tarbakan Mohammad, 24, from their homes.

The soldiers invaded and searched many homes in the city, and interrogated several Palestinians.

In Nablus, also in northern West Bank, the soldiers abducted Hamza Abdul-Mottaleb Hamad.

In addition, the soldiers invaded homes in al-‘Azza refugee camp, north of Bethlehem, and abducted Maher Mahmoud Abu Tarboush, 43, while Nasri Yousef Abu Jouda, 25, taken prisoner from Bethlehem city, was abducted near Etzion Junction.

Another Palestinian, identified as Sami Abdul-Fattah Ata, was abducted from his home in Jericho.

In related news, dozens of colonists invaded Solomon Pools area, south of Bethlehem, under heavy military deployment, after the soldiers forced the Palestinians away.

Dozens of colonists also invaded the courtyards of the Al-Aqsa Mosque, and conductive provocative tours, after the soldiers assaulted many Palestinians, and forced all worshippers away.