Israeli soldiers bulldozed Thursday, Palestinian farmland, and closed agricultural roads near Sbeih Mountain, south of the northern West Bank city of Nablus.

Local sources said the soldiers closed agricultural roads leading to the mountain by placing sandhills to prevent the Palestinians from reaching and working on their lands.

The sources added that the soldiers also bulldozed lands in the area, an act that has been a recurrent violation every Thursday, aiming at preventing the Palestinian vehicles, including ambulances, from reaching the mountain.

The Palestinians have been holding weekly processions in Sbeih Mountain since May of this year after illegal Israeli colonizers occupied its top and installed an outpost.

The Mountain, owned by the Palestinians, has significant strategic importance, especially since if it is occupied by the colonizers the colony would lead to the annexation of 20 Dunams of Palestinian lands, and would also lead to the isolation of a large area of Palestinian lands.

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