Troops enter Makassed Hospital in 2017 (archive image)

“We, in Jerusalem, feel like we are completely on our own, facing ongoing Israeli violations, while some Arab governments are competing with each other on who is better in normalizing with Israel, while its soldiers are invading surgery rooms, attacking staff and patients, and are attempting to abduct wounded Palestinians, and even the corpses of those who were killed by the army.”

This was a statement issued by the al-Makassed hospital, in occupied East Jerusalem, after Israeli soldiers, once again, invaded the medical center, on Friday, before attacking patients and medical staff, in addition to breaking into patient’s rooms, and even surgery wards.

The administration of al-Makassed said the latest attack was the ugliest, and most violent, since the beginning of the first Intifada in 1987.

“The soldiers resorted to the excessive use of force against the physicians, nurses, staffers and even patients, in a direct violation of all international laws and human rights agreements,” it said, “On Friday alone, and by 4:30 in the afternoon, were provided medical care to more than 100 wounded Palestinians, and fifty others on Thursday. Many of the inured suffered serious injuries to the head, chest and abdomen, and we had to perform urgent surgeries to all of them.”

“There is also a large number of wounded Palestinians, who could not make it into the hospital because of the extensive Israeli siege around the it, and the heavy military deployment in its various wards.”

|Israeli Soldiers Invade Al-Makassed Hospital, Surround ICU To Abduct A Seriously Wounded Teen|

The hospital administration also denounced an invasion carried out by more than fifty Israeli soldiers, who broke into the urgent care units, blood bank, and various wards in the medical center, looking for wounded Palestinians to abduct them.

The soldiers even assaulted Palestinians who came to donate blood, before kicking them and the medial staff out of the blood bank unit.

The hospital called on the international community, all legal and human rights groups, to provide the urgently needed protection against these escalating, serious Israeli violations, especially since Tel Aviv pays no respect to the sanctity of medical centers, and related human rights agreements.

“We feel we are on our own, facing an unprecedented escalation, and the usual Arab and international silence and complicity. While some Arab countries are rushing to normalize with Israel, and extending bridges of love and cooperation with Tel Aviv, it is responding to that with more violations, storming hospitals with automatic machine guns, and even invading surgery rooms.”

The hospital thanked all Palestinians who donated blood, and added that at least 220 Palestinians donated blood on Friday alone.

The latest invasions into the hospital were not the first, as the soldiers have raided it, and its branches many times before, and even fired gas bombs at it, including the maternity and surgery wards.

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