The Palestinian Prisoners Society (PPS), on Wednesday, raised alarm bells over the exacerbated health status of four Palestinian hunger-strikers held at Ofer prison, in Israel, according to the Palestinian Information Center (PIC).

A PPS lawyer said that the health of prisoners Muhammad al-Balboul, Malek al-Kadhi, Iyad al-Hreimi, and Omar Nazal held in Section 20 of the Ofer lock-up, has sharply deteriorated.

31 Palestinian detainees have also been on a hunger strike in solidarity with hunger-striker Bilal Kayed, starving for 69 days in Israeli detention.

Israeli Prison Service (IPS) also transferred Mahmoud al-Balboul to the Ramla prison clinic after his health sharply declined. IPS further replaced the prisoners’ cotton mattresses with plastic beds, deprived them of cleaning materials, and threatened to transfer them to isolated cells. He added that, following a visit to prisoner al-Balboul, the detainee’s health had gotten remarkably worse and that he was suffering from chest pains, intestinal disorders, insomnia, and breathing problems. He has also lost 20 kilograms of his overall weight.

Prisoner al-Hreimi has also been suffering from frequent fainting and excruciating chest pains.

The lawyer said he could not visit prisoner al-Kadhi, on hunger strike for 34 days, due to his critical health condition. Muhammad al-Balboul started his hunger strike 42 days ago, while his brother Mahmoud has been on a hunger strike for 45 days.

Prisoner Nazal started his hunger strike 14 days ago.

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