The International Red Cross has announced, on Thursday morning, that the Israeli authorities have canceled all visits to the Palestinian detainees in all of its prisons, detention, and interrogation centers, until the end of September, after six detainees managed to escape from the Gilboa high-security Israeli prison.

The Red Cross stated that it informed the families of the Israeli decision, which came after the escape of the detainees.

The cancelation also includes barring lawyers from visiting with the detainees.

It is worth mentioning that dozens of Israeli soldiers and special forces operating in the detention camps carried out massive invasions and searches in Gilboa and all prisons where the Palestinian political prisoners are held.

This included the serious escalation by the Prison Authority against the detainees in all of its prisons.

Dozens of detainees have been transferred to various prisons, while many others were forced into solitary confinement, in addition to the many detainees who have been injured while protesting the Israeli escalation and the illegal acts of collective punishment against them.

It is worth mentioning that the Israeli Prison Authority imposed a series of punitive measures against the detainees, especially in Gilboa’ prison, and closed various sections and branches, in addition to closing sections where they can wash their clothes.

Israel also closed the canteens in the prisons and is still ongoing with its collective punishment measures against the detainees and their families, an issue that could lead to further and serious tension, in addition to potential large-scale hunger strikes.

Israel said its recent measures came in the wake of the escape of six Palestinian political prisoners from its heavily fortified Gilboa’ prison.

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