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British lawyers vow to have Olmert arrested for war crimes

author Friday October 30, 2009 08:06author by Saed Bannoura - IMEMC News Report post

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert may face war crimes charges if he enters the United Kingdom.

Ehud Olmert (photo from Top News India)

Several British lawyer are working to expand the application of “universal jurisdiction” laws to allow prosecution of war crimes committed anywhere in the world.

After the release of a scathing United Nations Report on human rights abuses committed during Israel’s invasion of Gaza this year, legal work has intensified for the “universal jurisdiction” law in Britain.

If successful, the former Israeli Prime Minister and other Israeli officials would face war crimes charges if they enter Britain.

The group was unsuccessful in their attempt to get an arrest warrant for Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak, who visited Britain earlier this month.

But the British lawyers vow to continue their fight to prosecute foreign war criminals, saying that the victims deserve to see these officials face a criminal process.

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