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12 May

Soldiers Abduct A Palestinian Teen In Bethlehem

Several Israeli army jeeps invaded, on Sunday at dawn, the town of Nahhalin, west of Bethlehem city in the occupied West Bank, and abducted a teenage boy. Media sources said the soldiers invaded and searched a few homes, and abducted Khalaf Osama Shakarna, 16. They added that the soldiers questioned […]

12 May

Israeli Soldiers Abduct Three Palestinians Near Jenin

Israeli soldiers abducted, on Sunday at dawn, three Palestinians in Arraba town, southwest of the northern West Bank city of Jenin. Media sources said many army jeeps invaded the town, before the soldiers stormed and searched several homes and abducted two Palestinians, identified as Anas Awwad and Waddah Khalil Sha’er. […]

11 May

Army Injures Three Palestinians In Kufur Qaddoum

Israeli soldiers injured, Saturday, three Palestinians in Kufur Qaddoum town, east of the northern West Bank city of Qalqilia. Media sources said the soldiers invaded the town and attacked the weekly procession against the Annexation Wall and Colonies, by firing rubber-coated steel bullets, gas bombs and concussion grenades. They added […]

11 May

Foreign Ministry: Israel exploits Eurovision contest to consolidate its colonialism

RAMALLAH, Saturday, May 11, 2019: The Palestinian News & Info Agency (WAFA) – The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates sent several letters calling on the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) to withdraw any promotional materials for the Eurovision Song Contest 2019, filmed in the occupied city of Jerusalem, to demonstrate […]

11 May

Israeli Navy Abducts Three Fishermen In Gaza

Israeli navy ships attacked, on Saturday at noon, a number of Palestinian fishing boats in the Sudaniyya Sea area, northwest of Gaza city, and abducted three fishermen. Media sources said the navy fired many live rounds at the fishing boats in an area that is less than six nautical miles […]

11 May

PCHR Weekly Report On Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (02 – 08 May 2019)

Israeli forces continued with systematic crimes, in the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt), for the week of 02 – 08 May, 2019. Israeli forces violate the Gaza Strip again: Twenty-three Palestinian civilians; 14 of them were civilians, including 3 children and 3 women, one of them pregnant, were killed. 111 Palestinian […]

11 May

Israeli Apartheid Week: An Even Bigger Success in 2019

May 10, 2019 / Israeli Apartheid Week / Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, North America, Arab World, Palestine Thanks to your support, Israeli Apartheid Week (IAW) was an even bigger success this year!  IAW featured more than 200 events, across 30 countries, on five continents, all under the theme “Stop Arming Colonialism.” Events included big panel discussions at universities, concerts, […]

11 May

VIDEO: Over 180,000 Muslim Worshipers Pray at Al-Aqsa on First Friday of Ramadan

Thousands of Muslim worshipers took to the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound, in the Old City of Jerusalem, on the first Friday of the holy month of Ramadan. Head of the public relations office at the Islamic Endowment Department, Firas al-Dibs, said that more than 180,000 visited Al-Aqsa, to perform Friday prayers. […]

11 May

Gaza Artists Continue to Urge Eurovision Performers to Respect Picket Line

Palestinian artists have again called on Eurovision song contestants to boycott the international music competition that Israel is hosting next week. The Gaza Strip-based Palestinian Artists Association said. on Wednesday, that Israel is using the event to “perpetuate oppression, promote injustice or whitewash a brutal apartheid regime”. The artists cited the killing of […]

11 May

Israeli Police Assault Medics in Old City Jerusalem

Israeli police, today, assaulted medics from the Palestinian Red Crescent (PRC) while they were trying to help a patient outside the Lions Gate area of Old City Jerusalem. PRC said, in a statement, that the assault occurred when its staff were trying to drive an ambulance into the Lions Gate […]

10 May

UN Report: Israeli Forces Demolished 41 Palestinian Homes in Past Two Weeks

According to a new report issued Friday by the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, up to 150 Palestinians have been rendered homeless by Israeli home demolitions in the past two weeks alone. The report only counts the demolitions carried out in Jerusalem and the West Bank, […]

10 May

Israeli Navy Fires Live Rounds At Fishing Boats In Gaza

Israeli soldiers attacked, on Friday evening, several Palestinian fishing boats with live fire, in Gaza territorial waters, forcing the fishermen to return to the shore in fear of further violations. Eyewitnesses said the navy ships attacked the fishing boats near the shore of the Sudaniyya area, northwest of Gaza city. […]

10 May

Updated: Army Kills One Palestinian, Injures 30, Including 4 Children And One Medic, In Gaza

Israeli soldiers attacked, Friday, the weekly Great Return March processions on Palestinian lands along the eastern areas of the Gaza Strip, killing one Palestinian and wounding 30, including four children, and one medic who was shot in the head. The Palestinian Health Ministry in Gaza has confirmed that the soldiers […]

10 May

Israeli Soldiers Injure Several Palestinians, Including A Child, In Kufur Qaddoum

Israeli soldiers attacked, Friday, the weekly nonviolent procession in Kufur Qaddoum town, east of the northern West Bank city of Qalqilia, wounding one child with a rubber-coated steel bullet, and causing many Palestinians to suffer the effects of teargas inhalation. “Today’s procession marked the 71st anniversary of the Palestinian Nakba, […]

10 May

Army Injures A Palestinian East Of Gaza

Israeli soldiers shot, on Friday morning, a Palestinian farmer while working on his own land, east of Gaza city. Eyewitnesses said the soldiers, stationed across the perimeter fence, fired many live rounds at Palestinian farmers, wounding one of them. Palestinian Red Crescent medics rushed to the area, and moved the […]

10 May

Canada contributes $2.4m to vulnerable Palestinians in Gaza, West Bank

The Palestinian News & Info Agency (WAFA): JERUSALEM, Thursday, May 09, 2019 – The Government of Canada has provided the United Nations World Food Program (WFP) with a contribution of CAD$3.2 million (approximately US$2.4 million) to support 128,000 vulnerable Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank, according to a press […]

10 May

New Zealand pledges $2 million to support UNRWA vital programs

By The Palestinian News & Info Agency – WAFA – JERUSALEM, Thursday, May 09, 2019: The Commissioner-General of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA), Pierre KrĂ€henbĂŒhl, and the Permanent Representative of New Zealand to the United Nations, Craig Hawke have signed […]

10 May

Army Injures Six Palestinians, Including One Who Suffered Eye Injury, In Jerusalem

The Palestinian Red Crescent Society (PRCS) has reported that Israeli soldiers shot, on Thursday evening, six young Palestinian men with rubber-coated steel bullets and concussion grenades, including one who suffered an eye injury. The PRCS stated that its medics provided treatment to six Palestinians, including four who were rushed to […]

09 May

P.A: “Deal Of The Century; An Official American Recognition of Israeli Apartheid In Palestine”

The Palestinian Foreign Ministry issued a statement, Thursday, denouncing the so-called “Deal of the Century,” proposed by U.S. President Donald Trump, and stated that this “deal” is an official American recognition, and sponsorship of Israel’s illegal colonization and apartheid in occupied Palestine. In its statement, the Foreign Ministry said the […]

09 May

Soldiers Close Road Linking Between Several Ramallah Villages

Israeli soldiers closed, Thursday, the main road linking between several village northwest of Ramallah and Birzeit, in central West Bank. Media sources in Ramallah said the soldiers closed the iron gate, which was installed at the entrance of Nabi Saleh village, northwest of Ramallah, forcing the Palestinians to take longer […]

09 May

Israeli Army Abducts Nine Palestinians In West Bank

Israeli soldiers abducted, late on Wednesday evening until dawn hours Thursday, at least nine Palestinians from several parts of the occupied West Bank, the Palestinian Prisoners’ Society (PPS) has confirmed. The PPS said the soldiers abducted four Palestinians, identified as Aseed Shehada, 25, As’ad Safadi, 27, Firas Shehada, 22, and […]

09 May

Soldiers Abduct Four Palestinians Near Nablus

Israeli soldiers invaded, on Thursday at dawn, the village of Orif, south of the northern West Bank city of Nablus, searched homes and abducted four young Palestinian men. The soldiers interrogated several Palestinians while searching their homes, and examined their ID cards, before abducting the four young men. The abducted […]

09 May

Hundreds of wounded Gaza protesters risk limb amputation without immediate help, warns top UN official

By UN News: Millions of dollars in emergency funding is needed in Gaza to save the shattered limbs of some 1,700 people who have been seriously injured in demonstrations against Israel along the border fence, a top UN humanitarian official said on Wednesday. In an appeal for $20 million to […]

09 May

Has Israel Already Annexed The West Bank?

While the international community and media created an uproar when Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced his intent to annex the West Bank in a bid to garner votes during last month’s elections, many Palestinians living in the occupied territory were not fazed by the right-wing leader’s words. “It’s obvious that the West Bank […]

09 May

Details of Trump’s “Deal of the Century” Revealed by Israeli Media

The main points of the United States’ anticipated Middle East peace plan, the so-called “Deal of the Century,” were revealed by a Hebrew-language news outlet, on Tuesday. Israel Hayom news outlet published the main points of the “Deal of the Century” from a leaked document, which was circulated by the […]

09 May

A Personal Account of Detention, Racism and Broken Rules

05/08/19 | International Solidarity Movement | Al-Khalil Team The neighborhood of Salaymeh, next to Salaymeh checkpoint (160), has been the center of tensions between Palestinians and Israelis, in the city of Al-Khalil (Hebron). This checkpoint cuts off an already poor and struggling neighborhood from the rest of the city. At […]

09 May

13 Israeli Violations against Journalists in April

 by Tareq Astal 13 violations against journalists in the Palestinian territories, by Israeli occupation forces, were recorded during April. In its monthly report on Israeli violations against journalists, published today, WAFA said that 11 journalists were injured from rubber-coated metal bullets, live bullets and tear gas canisters, fired by Israeli […]

09 May

Israeli Soldiers Attack Worshipers Leaving Al-Aqsa Mosque In Jerusalem, Abduct Three

Israeli soldiers attacked, on Wednesday evening, Palestinian Muslim worshipers in the al-Asbat and Bab al-‘Amoud areas, in occupied East Jerusalem, while leaving the Al-Aqsa Mosque, and abducted three of them. Eyewitnesses said the soldiers, and police officers, assaulted many worshipers in Bab al-Asbat and Bab al-‘Amoud, just as they were […]

08 May

Two Detainees Continue Hunger Strike For 37th Day

The Palestinian Prisoners’ Society (PPS) has reported that two detainees, held by Israel, are ongoing with the hunger strike they started 37th days ago, demanding an end to their continued arbitrary Administrative Detention, without charges of trial. The PPS said the two detainees, identified as Odah al-Hroub, 32, and Hasan […]

08 May

Israeli Soldiers Abduct Ten Palestinians In The West Bank

Israeli soldiers abducted, on Wednesday at dawn, ten Palestinians, including a young woman and two children, from their homes in several parts of the occupied West Bank, the Palestinian Prisoners’ Society (PPS) has reported. The PPS said the soldiers abducted Fatima Yahia Suleiman, 19, from her home in Beit Safafa […]

08 May

P.A Denounces The Release Of Israeli Who Killed Palestinian Woman

The Palestinian Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Expatriates issued a statement strongly denouncing the release of an illegal Israeli colonist who killed a Palestinian woman last year, and said the release resembles the biased Israel legal system and its lack of respect for Palestinian lives. The Ministry said the release […]

08 May

Army To Displace 15 Bedouin Families For Military Training

Israeli soldiers invaded, Tuesday, Hamsa al-Foqa area, in the West Bank’s Northern Plains, and ordered fifteen Bedouin Palestinian families to leave their community as the military conducts live fire training. Mo’taz Bisharat, an official in charge of Israeli colonies’ file at the Palestinian Authority in central West Bank, said the […]

08 May

‘What’s the Sin of My Children?’: Infants Killed in Gaza Shelling

 One-year-old Seba was killed, along with her aunt, in an Israeli air attack on their house in Gaza, Saturday. With her wounded hand, Seba’s mother, 27-year-old Rasha Abu Arar, wiped her tears, ruing the incident that took place following the escalation of violations that has killed at least 25 Palestinians and […]

08 May

51 Facilities Demolished in Jerusalem Last Month

The Israeli occupation demolished 51 residential and commercial buildings in the occupied city of Jerusalem, during April, Al Ray reports. In a monthly report monitoring Israeli violations in the city, Wadi Hilwah Information Center said that the Israeli municipality had increased the demolitions process during the past month in Jerusalem, […]

08 May

Settler Released After Deadly Stoning Attack, Placed Under House Arrest

An Israeli court released a settler involved in the killing of 48-year-old Palestinian mother of eight Aisha Mohammad al-Rabi, from the town of Bidya, in the north of the West Bank, and placed him under house arrest. Rabi was killed in front of her husband and 9-year-old daughter when Israeli […]

08 May

Israeli Soldiers Close Wadi Hilweh Street In Silwan

Just as the Palestinians in Silwan were preparing for Iftar following a day of fasting in the holy Muslim month of Ramadan, Israeli soldiers closed Wadi Hilweh Street, in Silwan town, south of the Al-Aqsa Mosque in occupied Jerusalem. The Wadi Hilweh Information Center in Silwan (Silwanic) has reported that […]

07 May

PPS: “Israeli Soldiers Abduct Ten Palestinians, Including A Young Woman, In The West Bank”

The Palestinian Prisoners’ Society (PPS) has reported that Israeli soldiers abducted, on Tuesday at dawn, 10 Palestinians, including a young woman, in several parts of the occupied West Bank, including Jerusalem. The PPS said the soldiers abducted Fatima Yahia Suleiman, 19, from Beit Safafa, south of occupied East Jerusalem, after […]

07 May

Soldiers Shoot A Palestinian In Northern Gaza

Israeli soldiers shot, Tuesday, a young Palestinians man in Beit Hanoun, in the northern part of the Gaza Strip. The WAFA Palestinian News Agency has reported that the soldiers, stationed in military towers across the perimeter fence, north of Beit Hanoun, fired many live rounds at Palestinians on their lands. […]

07 May

Israeli Soldiers Abduct Five Palestinians Near Qalqilia

Israeli soldiers abducted, on Tuesday at dawn, five young Palestinian men from Azzoun town, east of the northern West Bank city of Qalqilia, in addition to invading the az-Zawiya village, west of the central West Bank city of Salfit, and confiscated a car near Bethlehem. Media sources in Qalqilia said […]

07 May

Army Abducts Two Palestinians In Hebron And Jenin

Israeli soldiers abducted, on Tuesday at dawn, two Palestinians, including a former political prisoner, in Hebron and Jenin governorates, in the southern and northern parts of the Gaza Strip. Media sources in Hebron said the soldiers invaded the al-Fawwar refugee camp, south of the city, searched homes and abducted Ala’ […]

07 May

PCHR: “Israeli Forces Violate the Gaza Strip for Two Consecutive Days Killing 23 Palestinians”

The Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR: )Israeli Forces Violate the Gaza Strip for Two Consecutive Days Killing 23 Palestinians; 14 of them were Civilians, Including 3 Women and 3 Children; Resumption of Extra-judicial Executions Policy, Heavily Targeting Residential Buildings and Causing Fear Among Civilians  Hours before the announcement of […]

07 May

Israeli Army Believes The Truce Could Collapse Within Weeks

The Israeli military leadership believes that the current truce reached with the resistance in the besieged Gaza Strip could collapse within weeks if the situation in the coastal region does not improve. Israeli media sources said, although  both Hamas and the Islamic Jihad in Gaza were willing to end the […]

06 May

Army Abducts Eleven Palestinians In West Bank

The Palestinian Prisoners’ Society (PPS) has reported that Israeli soldiers abducted, overnight and on Monday at dawn, eleven Palestinians during invasions and violent searches of homes, in several parts of the occupied West Bank. The PPS office in Tulkarem, in northern West Bank, said the soldiers abducted five Palestinians, identified […]

06 May

Israeli Soldiers Destroyed 130 Residential Units, Damaged 700, In Three Days

The Palestinian Ministry for Public Works and Housing has reported that the Israeli shells and missiles, carried out against the Gaza Strip in less than three days of escalation, have destroyed 130 residential units, and caused damage to 700. In its Monday preliminary report, the Ministry said the soldiers destroyed […]

06 May

Israeli Soldiers Abduct Five Palestinians in Tulkarem

Israeli soldiers invaded, on Monday ay dawn, the northern West Bank city of Tulkarem, and Tulkarem refugee camp, searched homes and abducted five Palestinians. The Tulkarem office of the Palestinian Prisoners’ Society (PPS) has reported that the soldiers abducted Yahia Adnan Hannoun, Hisham Riyadh Freij, 23, and Anas Mahmoud Jayyousi, […]

06 May

Soldiers Abduct A Palestinian In Hebron, Search Homes, Cause Damage To Solar Panels

Israeli soldiers abducted, on Monday at dawn, a young Palestinian man, and summoned another for interrogation, in addition to searching many homes, and cars, confiscated surveillance equipment and destroyed solar panels, in Hebron governorate, in southern West Bank. Media sources said several army jeeps invaded the al-‘Arroub refugee camp, north […]

06 May

Cautious Calm After Egyptian-mediated Ceasefire

The Gaza Strip and the sounding Israeli started witnessing a cautious calm after Egyptian managed to mediate a ceasefire agreement between the armed resistance factions in Gaza, and Israel. The ceasefire deal went into effect at 4:30 am Monday, and by then all firing of missiles and shells has ceased […]

06 May

World Condemns Israeli Attack On Anadolu Agency Office

A growing list of news agencies, advocacy groups and leaders condemned an Israeli attack on Anadolu Agency office, in the Gaza Strip, on Saturday. Israeli warplanes hit the building with at least five rockets after firing warning shots, Anadolu Agency’s correspondent in Jerusalem reported. No injuries or death were reported. […]

06 May

Palestinians to German Newspaper NWZ: Don’t Give Platform to Israeli Official Justifying War Crimes

Photo: Mohammed Asad May 3, 2019/Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (PACBI) / Germany Dear Nordwest Zeitung, The Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (PACBI), a member of the Palestinian Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions National Committee, the largest coalition in Palestinian civil society, […]

06 May

Father And Mother Of Slain Child, Found Under Rubble Of Their Home In Gaza

The Palestinian Health Ministry has reported, Sunday May 5th, that the corpses of a Palestinian man and his wife, were found under the rubble of their home, which was bombarded by the Israeli army, leading to the death of their child. The Ministry said the corpses of Talal ‘Atiya Abu […]

06 May

120 Palestinian Olive Trees Uprooted near Ramallah

Israeli bulldozers uprooted some 120 fruitful olive trees on Sunday, in the al-Lubban al-Gharbi village, west of the central occupied West Bank district of Ramallah. Former head of the village council, Fawwaz Salem, said that the uprooting of 120 trees came a month after Israeli forces delivered a military order […]

06 May

UN Calls For Calm, Avoiding Further Escalation In Gaza

United Nations Secretary-General, AntĂłnio Guterres, stated that he is following the escalation and developments between Israel and the Gaza Strip “with deep concern”, and called on all parties to “exercise maximum restraint” to avoid further tension and casualties. Although his statement ignored the death of four Palestinians, who were killed […]

06 May

Army Pushes More Tanks, Troops, To Gaza Border

Just a few hours after the Israeli Ministerial Cabinet for “Security and Military Affairs” decided to expand the military offensive on the Gaza Strip, the Israeli army send more thanks to the border areas with the besieged coastal region. Update: A Palestinian official said that Egypt has mediated a ceasefire […]

06 May

PCHR: “Around 70 Airstrikes within 12 Hours
 Israel Violates the Gaza Strip”

 Pregnant Woman and Baby Girl Killed,,, Residential Buildings Targeted 
 and Israeli Aggression Continues – The Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR) The Israeli forces escalated their attacks against the Gaza Strip and continued to carry out intense airstrikes and shelling throughout the Gaza Strip. Moreover, the Israeli warplanes continue […]

06 May

Four Israelis Killed by Palestinian Shells on Sunday

As Israeli forces continue their massive escalation in the Gaza Strip, Palestinian resistance groups responded by launching hundreds of small-scale rockets across the border between Gaza and Israel, killing four Israelis and wounding at least eight. The Israeli daily Yedioth Ahranoth reports that Pinchas Menachem Prezuazman, 21, was killed by a […]

06 May

23 Palestinians, Including Infant & 12-Year Old, Killed by Israeli Airstrikes

Updates: Israeli Soldiers Fire Missiles Into A Site Northern Gaza Israeli Soldiers Fire Missiles Into A Site East Of Rafah, In Southern Gaza Strip Israeli Navy Fires Many Missiles Into Sudaniyya Shore Area, in Northern Gaza, and Rafah In Southern Gaza, Causing Damage To A Rescue Tower, And A Restaurant […]

05 May

Israeli Prime Minister Announces ‘Gaza Escalation Will Increase’

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu publicly announced on Sunday morning a plan to increase air strikes on targets in Gaza, following a meeting with his cabinet. Additionally, the PM announced he will be deploying more infantry troops and artillery to the southern border between Israel and Gaza. The announcement followed […]

05 May

Israeli Missiles Kill Three Palestinians East Of Gaza

The Palestinian Health Ministry in the Gaza Strip has confirmed that Israeli missiles killed, Sunday, three young Palestinian men, east of Gaza city, amidst ongoing Israeli bombardment and shelling targeting several parts of the coastal region. Two Israelis kills by Palestinian shells. The Ministry said the Israeli missiles killed Bilal […]

05 May

Updated: Israeli Army Abducts 16 Palestinians In The West Bank

Israeli soldiers abducted, on Sunday at dawn, at least sixteen Palestinians, including two siblings and a physician, and summoned others for interrogation, during violent invasions and searches of homes in several parts of the occupied West Bank. The soldiers invaded Hizma town, east of occupied East Jerusalem, and abducted six […]

05 May

Army Kills Two Palestinians In Gaza, One Israeli Killed By Palestinian Shell

Israeli soldiers continued, on Sunday at dawn, the firing of dozens of missiles and shells, into many areas in the besieged and impoverished Gaza Strip, including the center of the al-Boreij refugee camp, in central Gaza, killing two Palestinians. One Israeli was killed by shrapnel from a Palestinian shell. Updates: […]

05 May

Soldiers Abduct Four Palestinians, Including Two Siblings, Near Nablus

Israeli soldiers invaded, on Sunday at dawn, Balata town and Orif village, east and south of the northern West Bank city of Nablus, before breaking into and ransacking several homes, and abducted four Palestinians, including two siblings. Media sources said several army vehicles invaded the Balata town from many directions, […]

05 May

PLO Official “Deal of the Century, More About Dictations and Not a Peace Agreement”

Dr. Saeb Erekat, Secretary General of the Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization’s (PLO), pronounced Friday that the so-called U.S. “Deal of the Century” is “more about dictations and not a peace agreement that maybe reached through negotiations.” In Ramallah City, central occupied West Bank, a delegation of 50 […]

05 May

3,000 Palestinians Forced from Jerusalem Homes within 15 Years

Israeli human rights organization B’Tselem recently revealed that Israeli authorities have forced around 3,000 Palestinians from their homes, in occupied East Jerusalem, between 2004 and 2019.   B’Tselem published a report stating: “The Jerusalem Municipality demolished 830 residential units, and 120 more were demolished by their owners on the municipality’s […]

05 May

Ashrawi Expresses Gratitude to Courageous Journalists

On World Press Freedom Day, PLO Public Diplomacy & Policy Department Head Dr. Hanan Ashrawi  said, in a statement: “We reach out in gratitude all journalist, who endeavor to speak truth to power, expose injustice, and protect the pillars of democracy, namely accountability and transparency. Dr. Ashrawi added :”Throughout our […]

05 May

Updated: Israel Continues To Bomb Gaza After Killing Pregnant Mother And Her Baby

The Israeli army continued, on Sunday at dawn, the bombardment and shelling of several parts of the Gaza Strip, inflicting more injuries among the Palestinians, and serious property damage, just hours after the army killed four Palestinians, including a baby, and her mother who was also pregnant. Media sources said […]

05 May

Israeli Army Kills Four Palestinians, Including A Baby And Her Pregnant Mother, In Gaza

The Israeli army killed, Saturday, four Palestinians, including a pregnant mother and her baby girl, in a series of bombings and air strikes targeting the Gaza Strip, wounding more than 30 civilians. Dr. Ashraf al-Qedra, the spokesperson of the Health Ministry in Gaza, has reported that the soldiers killed a […]

04 May

Illegal Israeli Colonists Destroy Gate Of A Mosque In Jerusalem’s Old City

A group of fanatic illegal Israeli colonialist settlers attacked, Saturday, Sheikh Makki Mosque in al-Qadisiyah Street in Jerusalem’s Old City, and destroyed its gate. The colonists broke the lock, and sabotaged its gate, for the third time in just a few months, the Palestinian Waqf and Islamic Endowment Ministry has […]

04 May

Israeli Soldiers Abduct Three Palestinians In Bethlehem and Nablus

Israeli soldiers abducted, Saturday, a Palestinian man from the al-Khader town, south of Bethlehem in the occupied West Bank. On Friday evening, the soldiers abducting two Palestinians near Nablus, in northern West Bank. Media sources said several army jeeps invaded al-Khader, before storming and searching a few homes, and interrogated […]

04 May

Updated: “Army Kills One Palestinian, Injures Seven, In Gaza”

The Palestinian Health Ministry has confirmed that Israeli soldiers killed, Saturday, one Palestinian and injured at least seven others, during a series of air strikes and bombings targeting several areas of the besieged Gaza Strip. The Health Ministry said the soldiers killed Emad Mohammad Nosseir, 22, from Beit Hanoun, in […]

04 May

Israeli Soldiers Invade A Building In Jenin, Install A Monitoring Post

Israeli soldiers invaded, on Saturday at dawn, the northern West Bank city of Jenin, before storming a residential building, and installed a military monitoring post on its rooftop. Media sources said the soldiers invaded the residential building, located at the southern entrance of Jenin, before placing their post on its […]

04 May

Israeli Army Kills Two Hamas Fighters In Central Gaza

The Israeli army fired, on Friday evening, several missiles into a site run by the al-Qassam Brigades the armed wing of Hamas, in central Gaza, killing two fighters; the army said it was retaliating to gunfire that injured two soldiers. The Health Ministry in the Gaza Strip has confirmed that […]

04 May

Updated: Army Kills Two Palestinian, Injures 82, Including 34 Children, 2 Journalists and 3 Medics

Israeli soldiers attacked, Friday, the weekly Great Return March processions in the Gaza Strip, killing two Palestinian, and injuring 82 others, including 34 children, two journalists and three paramedics. Update: One Palestinian, identified as Ramzi Rawhi ‘Abdo, 31, died from serious wounds he suffered, Friday, after the soldiers shot him […]

03 May

Soldiers Abduct Twenty Peace Activists, Two Journalists, Near Hebron

Israeli soldiers abducted, on Friday morning, at least twenty peace activists, while trying to help Palestinian farmers to enter their own lands, which Israel intends to illegally confiscate. Media sources said the soldiers attacked the nonviolent activists in Um al-‘Arayes and Bir al-‘Ad areas, and declared them closed military zones. […]

03 May

Army Abducts A Palestinian Near Jenin

Israeli soldiers invaded, on Friday at dawn, Rommana village, west of the northern West Bank city of Jenin, violently searched a few homes and abducted one Palestinian. Media sources in the village said several army vehicles invaded it, before the soldiers broke into and searched several homes, before interrogating a […]

03 May

Illegal Israeli Colonists Puncture Tires, Write Racist Graffiti, Near Nablus

A group of fanatic illegal Israeli colonists invaded, on Friday at dawn, Huwwara town, south of the northern West Bank city of Nablus, punctured car tires and wrote racist graffiti. Media sources said the assailants came from the illegal Yitzhar colony, built on private Palestinian lands. They added that the […]

03 May

Illegal Israeli Colonists Attack Orif Palestinian Village

Dozens of illegal Israeli colonialist settlers attacked, on Thursday evening, the Palestinian village of Orif, south of the northern West Bank city of Nablus, and caused serious damage to one car. Media sources in the village said the colonists came from the nearby illegal Yitzhar colony, which was built on […]

03 May

Soldiers Abduct A Palestinian Teen In Jenin

Israeli soldiers invaded, Thursday, Kharrouba neighborhood in Jenin city, in northern West Bank, and abducted a Palestinian teenage boy. Media sources said the soldiers abducted Rabea’ Allam an-Nourasi, 16, after invading his family’s home and violently searching it. They added that the soldiers also invaded and ransacked the home of […]

03 May

Israeli Soldiers Close Road Near Nablus

Israeli soldiers closed, on Thursday evening, a road near Burin village, south of the northern West Bank city of Nablus, by placing concrete blocks. Media sources said the soldiers closed the dirt road linking between Huwwara and Burin village, near a local factory, by placing huge concrete blocks. The Israeli […]

02 May

Saudi Crown Prince Offered Abbas $10b to Accept Trump’s “Deal of the Century”

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has reportedly offered Palestinian Authority (PA) chief Mahmoud Abbas 10 billion dollars, in return, for accepting US President Donald Trump’s controversial proposal for peace between the Israelis and Palestinians, dubbed “The Deal of the Century”. The Lebanese daily Arabic-language newspaper al-Akhbar reported, according to Press TV/Al Ray, that Abbas […]

02 May

US Congresswoman McCollum Reintroduces Bill to Protect Palestinian Children

U.S. Congresswoman Betty McCollum (D-MN) has reintroduced a historic bill to promote the human rights of Palestinian children who face detention, interrogation, abuse and violence by Israel through its military court system in the occupied West Bank. According to Defense for Children International, the Promoting Human Rights for Palestinian Children Living […]

02 May

Israeli Police Demolish Tent, Assault Elderly Man

Israeli bulldozers demolished, on Thursday, a residential tent that was erected in the town of Yatta, to the south of Hebron, and attacked an elderly man during the demolition. Local sources PNN confirmed that Israeli police assaulted an elderly man while their bulldozer demolished his tent at the Umm al-Khirif […]

02 May

PPS: “Israeli Soldiers Abduct 17 Palestinians, Including Children, In West Bank”

The Palestinian Prisoners’ Society (PPS) has reported that Israeli soldiers abducted, on Thursday at dawn, at least seventeen Palestinians, including children, after the army invaded and ransacked dozens of homes across the occupied West Bank, including Jerusalem. The PPS stated that the soldiers abducted six Palestinians, identified as Mohammad Hazem […]

02 May

Israeli Soldiers Abduct Two Palestinians, Injure Several Others, In Jenin

Dozens of Israeli soldiers abducted, on Thursday at dawn, two Palestinians and injured many others, after the army invaded several areas in Jenin governorate in northern West Bank. The soldiers also abducted one child in Jerusalem. Media sources said the soldiers abducted Ibrahim Mustafa al-Qoneiri, from his home in Jenin […]

02 May

Health Condition Of Hunger Striking Detainee Worsens

The Palestinian Detainees’ Committee has reported, Thursday, that a Palestinian detainee in Israeli prisons, has suffered health complications after 54 days of a hunger strike, and added that he is ongoing with his strike demanding ending his arbitrary Administrative Detention orders, holding him captive without charges or trial. It said […]

02 May

Israeli Soldiers Abduct Six Palestinians In Hebron

Israeli soldiers abducted, Thursday, six Palestinians from their homes in the al-‘Arroub refugee camp and Beit Ummar town, north of the southern West Bank city of Hebron. Dozens of soldiers invaded the al-‘Arroub refugee camp, and abducted three young men, identified as Ahmad Aladdin Yaghi, Qais Aladdin Yaghi and Mohammad […]

02 May

Israeli Air Force Fires Missiles Into Gaza

The Israeli Air Force fired, on Thursday at dawn, several missiles targeting a few areas in the besieged Gaza Strip, causing damage, after the army alleged a rocket was fired from Gaza. Media sources said the Israeli missiles struck several sites, run by the Al-Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of […]

02 May

Israeli Soldiers Attack Palestinian Detainees In Asqalan

Soldiers of the Metzada special forces unit of the “Israeli Prison Service” attacked, on Wednesday at noon, many Palestinian detainees in their rooms, in Asqalan (Ashkelon) Prison, and destroyed their belongings. The Palestinian Detainees’ Committee has reported that the soldiers attacked the detainees while eating their lunch, and deliberately spilled […]

01 May

On May First: Palestinian Detainees are Part of the International Workers’ Struggle

Classic Palestinian revolutionary poster for 1 May. Artist Marc Rudin On the First of May – International Workers’ Day – Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network salutes Palestinian workers and the workers of the world. This is a day of struggle for the liberation of the working class from exploitation, racism, […]

01 May

Lands Razed by Israeli Bulldozers East of Gaza City

Several Israeli military vehicles raided Palestinian lands, on Wednesday, east of Gaza City, in the central besieged Gaza Strip. A Ma’an reporter said that eight large D-9 Israeli military bulldozers entered the region, dozens of meters into Palestinian lands. Sources added that Israeli military bulldozers razed and leveled the lands […]

01 May

Navy Injures Gaza Fisherman, Detains Two Others, in Gaza

Israeli naval forces, Wednesday morning, injured a Palestinian fisherman and detained two others off the shore of al-Sudaniya, northwest of Gaza city. WAFA correspondence reported that the navy opened gunfire and shot water hoses towards a fishing boat sailing three nautical miles off the shore, injuring a fisherman with a […]

01 May

Ambassador Mansour: Situation in Palestine Going “From Bad to Worse”

The UN Security Council discussed, on Monday, in an open meeting chaired by Germany (the President of the Security Council for this month), the situation in Palestine over the past four months. The Palestine envoy to the United Nations, Ambassador Riyad Mansour, said, in his address to the Council, that […]

01 May

Army Demolishes A Home Near Hebron

Israeli soldiers invaded, Wednesday, the ad-Deerat area, east of Yatta town, south of the southern West Bank city of Hebron, and demolished a Palestinian home. Rateb Jabour, the media coordinator of the National and Popular Committees against the Annexation Wall and Colonies in southern Hebron, said several army jeeps invaded […]

01 May

Israeli Soldiers Abduct Two Palestinians In Bethlehem And Qalqilia

Israeli soldiers abducted, on Wednesday at dawn, two young Palestinian men in Bethlehem and Qalqilia, in the occupied West Bank. The Palestinian Prisoners Society (PPS) said the soldiers invaded Teqoua’ town, east of Bethlehem, searched homes, and abducted one Palestinian. It added that the soldiers abducted Ahmad Ibrahim al-‘Amour, 22, […]

01 May

Israeli Navy Injures A Fisherman, Abduct Two, In Gaza

Israeli navy ships attacked, on Wednesday morning, several Palestinian fishing boats with live fire and water cannons, in the al-Waha area, in the northern part of the besieged Gaza Strip, wounding one fisherman, before abducting two others. Zakariya Bakr, the coordinator of the Palestinian Fishermen’s Syndicate, said the Israeli navy […]

01 May

Illegal Israeli Colonists Cut 150 Olive Trees Near Ramallah

A group of illegal Israeli colonialist settlers invaded, on Wednesday at dawn, Palestinian olive orchards near the central West Bank city of Ramallah and cut more than 150 trees. Media sources said the assailants came from an illegal outpost, which was installed on private Palestinian lands in Burqa village, east […]

30 Apr

Wounded Palestinian, Who Burnt Him Self Demanding Medical Care, Dies In Gaza

A young Palestinian man, who was shot with several Israeli army live rounds on April 16, 2018, and torched himself two weeks ago after his repeated calls for medical treatment abroad went unanswered, has died from his serious wounds, on Tuesday evening. Media sources said the young man, Bilal Mohammad […]

30 Apr

Mustapha Awad: “Without you, I would not be here” by Myriam De Ly (VIDEO)

Photo: Mustapha’s return to Brussels airport The following article, by Myriam De Ly, is translated from the French original at Pour La Palestine, the website of the Plate-forme Charleroi-Palestine: Mustapha Awad, a Belgian of Palestinian origin, was finally released one month ago on 28 March. He spent 253 days in detention […]

30 Apr

Bulldozers Raze Bethlehem Area Olive Trees

Israeli occupation forces used military bulldozers to raze Palestinian cultivated land lots in Beit Jala, to the west of Bethlehem, on Monday. Owner of the land, Walid Zireina, said that the soldiers broke into both his land and that of his brother’s, bulldozing the four-dunam plot, noting that Israeli municipality […]

30 Apr

Gaza’s Fishing Zone Drastically Reduced

Israeli authorities backtracked on a recent decision and decided, on Tuesday, to reduce the permitted fishing zone, in the besieged Gaza Strip, from 15 nautical miles to only six. Head of the Palestinian Fishermen Union in Gaza, Zakariya Bakr, told Ma’an News Agency that Israeli authorities reduced the permitted fishing […]

30 Apr

Demolitions Set for Two Public Buildings in Shu’fat Refugee Camp

The Israeli municipality of West Jerusalem has issued two demolition orders against two buildings in Shu’fat refugee camp, in occupied East Jerusalem, under the pretext of construction without permit, according to local WAFA sources. Sources said that Israeli police and border guards accompanied municipality staff who presented the camp’s popular […]