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24 Mar

Kuwait Donates $4 M. To UNRWA

The Kuwaiti government announced, Monday, its approval of the annual contribution of $2 million to the General Fund of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRAW), to enable it to continue providing essential health, education and social relief services to the Palestinian refugees. Sandra Mitchel, UNRWA Deputy Commissioner-General, said […]

23 Mar

First New UNRWA School Inaugurated in Gaza Since Israeli Assault

The United Nations Palestine refugee agency UNRWA, on Sunday, inaugurated the first school associated with the organization to be built in the Gaza Strip since Israel’s summer assault laid waste to hundreds of educational institutions.The Khuzaa Preparatory School was inaugurated Sunday, according to Ma’an, and is the first of several […]

22 Feb

UNRWA: $100m Urgently Needed in Gaza

UNRWA stated, on Sunday, that US $100 million in aid is urgently needed for families affected by the last Israeli offensive in the region, this past summer.The money is needed in the first quarter of 2015, to allow refugee families with minor damage to repair their homes and to provide […]

05 Feb

UNRWA 2015 Gaza Food Assistance in Distribution

UNRWA announced, Thursday, that it had begun distributing its 2015 emergency food assistance to needy refugee families in the Gaza Strip.According to WAFA Palestinian News & Info Agency, UNRWA revealed, in a recent press release, that the move comes as part of a wider framework to mantain its support of […]

27 Jan

UNRWA Forced to Suspend Gaza Assistance Due to Lack of Funds

January 27, 2015 12:42 PM IMEMC & Agencies Gaza Siege, Gaza Strip, News Report 0

Gaza, 27 January 2015: UNRWA has been forced to suspend its cash assistance programme in Gaza to tens of thousands of people for repairs to damaged and destroyed homes and for rental subsidies to the homeless. Over 96,000 Palestine refugee family homes were damaged or destroyed during last summer‚Äôs conflict […]

28 Nov

UNRWA: Severe Flooding in Gaza, State of Emergency Declared

UN Palestinian refugee agency UNRWA declared, on Thursday, a state of emergency in Gaza City, due to massive rains and flooding.Ma’an News Agency reports that a major storm, over the past week, has filled the streets of Gaza City with water and sewage, causing further misery for more than 100,000 […]

30 Oct

Nobel Laureate Donates $50k for UNRWA School Reconstruction

October 30, 2014 1:01 AM IMEMC & Agencies Gaza Siege, International, News Report 0

UNRWA Official Press Release Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Malala Yousafzai, has announced that she is donating 50,000 US dollars to rebuild an UNRWA school damaged during the recent fighting in Gaza. Ms. Yousafzai made the announcement from Stockholm, where she has gone to accept the prestigious World’s Children’s Prize. The […]

19 Oct

A Week After Cairo Conference, UNRWA Steps Up Recovery and Reconstruction Efforts in Gaza

October 19, 2014 8:53 PM IMEMC & Agencies Gaza Siege, International, News Report 0

A week after the Cairo conference and the recent visits to Gaza by the Palestinian Prime Minister, Rami Hamdallah and UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon, UNRWA is scaling up its response to meet critical needs of people in the Strip. October 19, 2014 Official UNRWA Press Release We are focusing […]

03 Oct

Gunness: 138 UNRWA Students Killed Since July

On the record quote from UNRWA Spokesman, Chris Gunness… With 241,000 children back in UNRWA schools to continue their education, UNRWA now has a more accurate picture of the impact of the 50-day war on students and their families. We can confirm that 138 UNRWA students were killed since 8 […]

24 Sep

UNRWA Urges Donor Community to Stand Against Forced Transfer of Palestinian Bedouins

The United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) has urged the donor community to step up its opposition to the planned transfer of thousands of Bedouins, from the central areas of the West Bank, to the newly created town of Nweima, near Jericho. ‚ÄúIf such a plan were implemented this […]

11 Sep

UN: Israel Used UNRWA School For Military Operations

September 11, 2014 12:00 AM IMEMC & Agencies International, Israeli attacks, News Report 0

Israeli forces, during the recent offensive on the the Gaza Strip, used one of UNRWA’s schools in the region as a military base, according to a UN offical. Leila Zerrougui, Special Representative of the Security-General for Children and Armed Conflict, declared on Monday that the Israeli military bombed 244 schools, […]

08 Sep

UNRWA: Israel Must Accept Accountability

September 8, 2014 7:34 PM IMEMC & Agencies Gaza Siege, International, News Report 0

Commissioner General for the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), Pierre Kr√§henb√ľhl, at the Arab foreign ministers meeting in Cairo, declared that Israel should stand accountable for its violations against Palestinian civilians.The Palestinian News Network (PNN) reports that, speaking to ministers in Cairo, Mr. Kr√§henb√ľhl stressed that, while Israel […]

30 Jul

UNRWA Official: Israeli Shelling of Schools is a Violation of International Law

The following is a statement by UNRWA Commissioner General Pierre Krahenbuh. ‘Last night, children were killed as they slept next to their parents on the floor of a classroom in a UN designated shelter in Gaza. Children killed in their sleep; this is an affront to all of us, a […]

24 Jul

UNRWA Condemns Shelling of School, Rights Council Launches Probe

UNRWA has strongly condemned the recent Israeli shelling of one of its schools serving as a shelter for hundreds of displaced Palestinians, in central Gaza. The UN Human Rights Council has launched a probe into Israel’s actions in the region.’At approximately 16:55 hours Tuesday, UNRWA‚Äôs Maghazi Preparatory Girls School, in […]

23 Jul

UNRWA School Bombed as Feared

An UNRWA school that has been sheltering Palestinian refugees in central Gaza came under Israeli fire on Tuesday, as previously feared by relief workers, while an inspection team was working on repairing damage from the previous day.According to a United Nations official, a team with Israeli clearance was at the […]

19 Jul

More than 30,000 Gazans in UNRWA Shelters Since Thursday

UN Palestinian refugee agency UNRWA said, today, that more than 30,000 people have fled their homes to take shelter in the 34 UNRWA schools that are located across the Gaza Strip, since Thursday.Previously, UNRWA had estimated that 20,000 Palestinians had sought refuge with them, but that the number has now […]

14 Jul

Thousands of Palestinians Seek Refuge at UNRWA Schools

Thousands of Palestinians sought refuge at the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) for Palestinian schools, Sunday, after Israeli forces ordered them to evacuate their homes in northern Gaza, in preparation for bombing the area. Clashes continued in the West Bank area, today, as soldiers set fire to olive […]

11 Jul

UNRWA, World Health Organization Address Gaza Crisis

The director of UNRWA Operations in Gaza, Robert Turner, decalred Thursday that the people of Gaza are again suffering due to Israeli bombardment. The World Health Organization (WHO) and the Palestinian Ministry of Health are calling on local and international donors to support the Ministry in coping with the crisis. […]

20 Jun

5.4m Palestinian Registered Refugees at UNRWA

UNRWA Records have indicated that the number of registered Palestinian refugees, as of January 2014, amount to approximately 5.4 million, according to a press release by the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS):(WAFA) UNRWA Records indicated that these figures represented the minimum number of Palestinian refugees: Palestinian refugees in West […]

17 Jun

Eight Kidnapped In Jenin, Soldiers Confiscate UNRWA Vehicle

June 17, 2014 2:47 PM Saed Bannoura Israeli attacks, Jenin, News Report 0

[Tuesday, June 17, 2014] Dozens of Israeli soldiers invaded the northern West Bank city of Jenin, and the Jenin refugee camp, violently broke into and searched dozens of homes, kidnapped eight Palestinians and confiscated a vehicle belonging to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA).Local sources said that dozens […]

06 Feb

Hamdallah Brokers Deal to End UNRWA Strike

Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah has brokered an agreement between Palestinian employees of UNRWA and the agency’s administration, ending a two-month strike.Officials privy to the details told Ma’an News Agency on Thursday that both sides agreed, in principle, to put an end to a strike which has been ongoing for more […]

16 Jan

Palestinian Authority To Mediate Between UNRWA And Unions

Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah met with representatives from the Palestinian union for the UN Agency for Palestine Refugees on Wednesday, a Palestinian official has said.Labor Minister Ahmad al-Majdalani said that the meeting was set up to discuss a letter Hamdallah had received from UNRWA’s general commissioner, Ma’an News Agency has […]

14 Jan

Protestors Clash Near Ramallah: UNRWA Update

Palestinians blocked major roads in Ramallah, on Sunday morning, in protest of a lack of public services resulting from the ongoing strike by UNRWA employees. Palestinians blocked major roads in Ramallah, on Sunday morning, in protest of a lack of public services resulting from the ongoing strike by UNRWA employees. […]

09 Jan

UNRWA Refuses To Increase Striking Workers’ Salaries

Management of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees (UNRWA) has refused to increase the salaries of Palestinian employees in the Gaza Strip. UNRWA employees in Gaza staged a one-day strike, on Sunday, in protest of the agency’s dismissal of workers and its refusal to increase salaries, […]

21 Jun

Ashton Arrives In Gaza, Visits UNRWA School

Catherine Ashton, High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy for the European Union, arrived in the Gaza Strip Thursday [June 20 2013], and visited a school run by the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA).Ashton affirmed that the European Union is committed to supporting the […]

18 Jan

UNRWA Denounces Killing Of 12 Palestinians In Damascus

The United Nations Works and Relief Agency (UNRWA) strongly denounced the death of twelve Palestinian refugees, mainly children, during clashes between gunmen and members of the Syrian army.The UNRWA urged all parties to withdraw from civilians areas, including refugee camps, and to ensure the protection of the civilians at all […]

16 Jan

E.U. Approves ‚ā¨100 M. To P.A., UNRWA

The European Union has decided to grant the Palestinian Authority (P.A.), in the West Bank, and the UNRWA, ‚ā¨100 Million so that they can continue to provide essential services to the Palestinians. In its statement, the European Commission reported that the decision of the European Union to provide assistance to […]

06 Jun

Reduction in UNRWA Services in Gaza: Calls for End of Siege

June 6, 2012 3:58 PM Sarah Snobar Gaza Siege, Gaza Strip, News Report 0

The UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) in the Gaza Strip announced that there will be a reduction in its services in Gaza due to a decline in funding from donor countries. Robert Turner, the new head of UNRWA in Gaza, said that they have decided to cut down on […]

28 May

Australia Offers 90 million Dollars to UNRWA

PNN has reported that Australia has offered the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees (UNRWA) 90 million dollars to help cover costs of the services provided for Palestinian refugees. It has been reported that Australian foreign minister, Bob Carr signed an agreement with UNRWA Head, Filippo Grandi, that […]

11 May

New UNRWA Upgrade Plan To Improve Dheisheh Refugee Camp

Dheisheh, the oldest refugee camp in the West Bank, is set to receive a facelift under a new UNWRA upgrade plan. The UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA), is launching a new program to upgrade UN refugee camps’ dilapidated facilities.While the UN and other agencies have been […]

25 Apr

UNRWA Builds 223 Homes In Gaza

United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) has built 223 homes in the Khan Younis refugee camp in the southern part of the Gaza Strip, providing shelter for 1,300 refugees who lost their homes during Israeli offensives against the coastal region.The project was […]

28 Nov

A Goal for Peace – Real Madrid Foundation and UNRWA unite for Palestine refugee children

November 28, 2011 2:42 PM IMEMC News International Politics, News Report, Palestine 0

A Partnership Agreement has been signed by Mr Florentino P√©rez, President of Real Madrid FC, and Mr Filipo Grandi, Commissioner General of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency, UNRWA. The signing took place in Santiago Bernab√©u Stadium executive box.This Partnership Agreement will lead to the establishment of eight Social […]

22 Jul

Gaza Refugees Continue Their Sit-in Protest Outside UNRWA Building

For the second day, the Popular Committee for Palestinian Refugees in Gaza, continued the peace sit-in protest in front of the UNRWA building in Gaza City, in protest to due to the sharp decline in services provided by the international agency to the refugee in Gaza, organizers said.Dozens of refugees […]

22 Jun

UNRWA Appeal For Funds To Support Palestinian Refugee’s

Jordan‚Äôs Prime Minister Marouf al Bakheet and the UNRWA‚Äôs Commissioner General Filippo Grandi appealed for monetary aid to appeal for finances to fund the UNWRA‚Äôs work among Palestinian refugees. In a speech to the UNRWA‚Äôs advisory council the two warned of instability if services to the regions 3.6 million Palestinian […]

14 Jun

UNRWA Puts Gaza Unemployment At 45.2%

A recent report by UNRWA has put Gaza‚Äôs unemployment at 45.2%, the highest in the World. The report says that the Israeli siege is the main cause of this high rate of unemployment. The report was released on the fifth anniversary of the beginning of the Israeli siege of Gaza, […]

09 Jun

UNRWA Claims West Bank Economy Not As Healthy As Perceived

The UNRWA has released a report undermining recent media reports that the West Bank economy was booming under the PA and Israeli occupation, according to research author Salem Ajluni. The report claims that the increase in employment reported for the West Bank is undermined by an increase in the unemployment […]

05 Apr

UNRWA Reports Record House Demolitions By Israel

The United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) reports that Israeli demolitions of Palestinian homes and other buildings reached a record high in March.According to UNRWA, 76 buildings were demolished in March, resulting in the displacement of 158 people, including 64 children. This brings the total number of displaced persons […]

09 Feb


The UK’s Department for International Development (DFID) has pledged ₤1.5 million of new support for Palestinian refugees in Lebanon. The aid will go the United Nations Relief Works Agency (UNRWA) which provides services to Palestinian refugees in a number of countries.The money is intended to provide rental subsidies to almost […]

29 Oct

Erekat: ‚ÄúStatements of UNRWA’s Director, Disappointing‚ÄĚ

Head of the Negotiations Department at the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO), Dr. Saeb Erekat, said that the statements of UNRWA New York director, Andrew Whitley, regarding the Palestinian Right of Return are disappointing. Whitley said that the Palestinians ‚Äúshould not live under the illusion of achieving the Right of Return‚ÄĚ, […]

20 Jul

Head of UNRWA Discusses Efforts, Frustrations in Gaza

Last Thursday John Ging, head of UNRWA in Gaza, spoke to an audience at the Zikim kibbutz near Ashkelon about his organization’s goals in Gaza, as well as the difficulties they face achieving them. Speaking to over fifty Israeli citizens and a handful of internationals at the Zikim kibbutz near […]

28 Jun

Masked Gunmen Torch UNRWA Summer Camp In Central Gaza

A group of unknown gunmen attacked on Monday at dawn a summer camp that belongs to the UNRWA (United Nations Relief and Works Agency) in al-Zawayda area, north of Dir al-Balah in central Gaza.Eyewitnesses reported that the attack against the school students‚Äô summer camp caused excessive damage and that the […]

22 Jan

Canada Removes Funding from UNRWA to ‚ÄėRedirect in Accordance with Canadian Values‚Äô

The Canadian government has decided to pull its funding from United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East, and direct the money towards specific projects.The announcement was made following Vic Toews‚Äô five-day trip through the Middle East. Toews, president of the Treasury Board in Canada, […]

04 Apr

Gaza-based UNRWA recieves a UAE fund

The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine refugees in Gaza (UNRWA), recieved Thursday a fund from the United Arab Emirates, worthy of $4 million dollars, to be allocated for food assistance, the UNRWA provides for Palestinian refugees in the coastal territory. The fund will be used in purchasing […]

01 Apr

Radical group threatens UNRWA in Gaza

Palestinian sources reported on Tuesday that a Radical group threatened to attack the United Nations Relief and Work Agency for Palestinian refugees (UNRWA) in Gaza.The group, calling itself Ahrar Al Watan (free men of the homelnd in Arabic), said that UNRWA encourages gender-mixing in workplaces by employing women in education […]

07 Mar

UNRWA employees held a strike in protest to Israeli attacks in Gaza

Workers of different institutions run by the UNRWA in the West Bank and Jerusalem held a strike on Thursday protesting against the Israeli attacks and violations against the Gaza Strip.The strike included all health, education and social facilities of the UNRWA, and all UNRWA run schools and medical centers were […]

07 Mar

Empleados de la UNRWA participan en una huelga contra los ataques israelíes en Gaza

March 7, 2008 9:34 AM IMEMC & Agencies News Report 0

Trabajadores de diferentes instituciones administradas por la UNRWA en Cisjordania y Jerusal√ɬ©n mantuvieron el pasado jueves una protesta contra los ataques y violaciones israel√ɬ≠es en la Franja de Gaza. La huelga inclu√ɬ≠a el paro de los servicios sanitarios, de educaci√ɬ≥n e instituciones sociales de UNRWA, escuelas y centros sanitarios estuvieron […]

21 Jan

UNRWA’s Operations Director appeals for resolving ongoing Gaza crisis

Operations Director of United Nations Work and Relief Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) in Gaza, Jhon Gang, appealed Sunday night for resolving an ongoing humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip. ‘ I appeal to all concerned bodies to solve the current crisis’, Gang said in a press conference in Gaza […]

21 Nov

UNRWA face a large deficit

November 21, 2007 11:16 PM IMEMC & Agencies News Report 0

Las Naciones Unidas y la agencia de trabajo de Refugiados Palestinos (UNRWA), se enfrenta actualmente a un gran d√ɬ©ficit, estimado en 100 millones de d√ɬ≥lares, tal y como han revelado en una reciente reuni√ɬ≥n de los altos representantes de dicha organizaci√ɬ≥n y de los pa√ɬ≠ses donantes en Amm√ɬ°n. Con la […]

09 Apr

UNRWA may withold services to Palestinian refugees, a spokesperson says

Spokesperson of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine refugees, Sami Mosha’sha’, warned yesterday that the UNRWA may stop providing services to the Palestinian refugees unless an emergency fund of $246 million is supplied. A press release, issued by the UNRWA on Sunday, confirmed that the needed fund […]

02 Dec

Settlers hurl stones at an UNRWA bus in Jerusalem

December 2, 2006 1:27 AM IMEMC & Agencies Israeli attacks, Jerusalem, News Report 0

Friday evening, a group  of setter youth hurled stones at an UNRWA bus as it was driving in a Jewish street in Jerusalem; damage no the vehicle was reported, no injuries. The agency said that 54 employees of the Jerusalem headquarters on the UNRWA were heading back to their houses […]

04 Nov

UNRWA: ‚ÄúWe have to send food and medical aid to the surrounded residents‚ÄĚ

November 4, 2006 8:00 PM IMEMC & Agencies Diplomacy, International, News Report 0

John Ging, UNRWA’s Gaza Field Director, demanded the International Community to ensure the entry of food and humanitarian aid to the surrounded residents in Beit Hanoun, in the northern part of the Gaza Strip. In a press conference held in Gaza on Friday evening, Ging appealed the entry of food, […]

24 Oct

UNRWA General Commissioner: humanitarian situations in Gaza is deteriorating

October 24, 2006 3:30 AM IMEMC & Agencies Gaza Strip, Miscellaneous, News Report 0

UNRWA General Commissioner, Karen Abu Zeid, said Sunday that the humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip is clearly deteriorating. After her tour in the northern Gaza Strip town of Beit Hanoun, Abu Zeid said she had never conceived of the Palestinians to view the hard scenes of destruction in the […]

18 Oct

UNRWA concerned over humanitarian crisis in Gaza Strip

October 18, 2006 2:59 AM IMEMC & Agencies Diplomacy, International, News Report 0

Director of the United Nations Relief Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees in the Gaza Strip, John King, held a meeting Tuesday to appeal for aid to the Palestinians. “The Palestinian people are living a real humanitarian catastrophe at all levels,” King said today. He called on “the international community to […]

17 Oct

UNRWA Speaks out Against Humanitarian Disaster in Occupied Territories

October 17, 2006 8:44 PM IMEMC & Agencies Diplomacy, International, News Report 0

Palestinians are experiencing a humanitarian disaster on all levels, according to UNRWA. The director of UNRWA operations in the Gaza Strip, John Ging, insisted that the international community lift the boycott immediately. In the meantime, donors must secure more money for UNRWA so it may do its job, Ging said […]

12 Jul

UNRWA Commissioner General expresses dismay over the massive destruction in Gaza

Wednesday afternoon. The new Commissioner General of the United Nations Relief and Work Agency for Palestinian Refugees in the Far East (UNRWA), visited several shelled areas in the Gaza Strip, including the main power plant that was shelled two weeks ago.   Karen Abu Zeid expressed her dismay over the […]

19 Jun

UNRWA: √É∆í√ā¬Ę√ɬĘ√Ę‚ā¨Ň°√ā¬¨√ɂĶ√Ę‚ā¨Ňď42.4% of the Palestinians are refugees√É∆í√ā¬Ę√ɬĘ√Ę‚ā¨Ň°√ā¬¨√É‚Äö√ā¬Ě

The Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS) published a report showing a statistical overview about demographic status of Palestinian refugees totaled according to UNRWA records 4,255,120 till 31st of March 2005, distributed by state of residence. The PCBS’s overview shows that the percentage of Palestinian refugees in the Palestinian territories […]

29 Jan

Soldiers arrest UNRWA worker in Nablus

January 29, 2006 9:33 PM IMEMC & Agencies Israeli attacks, News brief, Palestine 0

Israeli soldiers arrested on Sunday at noon one resident at Beit Eeba checkpoint, west of Nablus in the West Bank.   A Palestinian security source in Nablus reported that soldiers based at the checkpoint arrested resident Rida Mahmoud Khaled, 40, from Ein Beit Al Ma’ refugee camp, in Nablus, and […]

26 Nov

UNRWA plans to construct 600 new homes for refugees

Karen Abu Zayd, UNRWA head reported that the UNRWA intends to construct 600 new houses for Palestinian refugees in Khan Younis, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip. Abu Zayd stated that the organization will increase its construction budget by 400 million USD and will receive an additional sum […]

01 Mar

UNRWA appeals donor countries to increase aide for Palestinian refugees

The UNRWA submitted a detailed plan to the International Community in Geneva in order to achieve a √ɬĘ√Ę‚Äö¬¨√Ö‚Äúbetter future for four million refugees√ɬĘ√Ę‚Äö¬¨√ā¬Ě; the UNRWA demanded additional $1.1 million during the coming five years in order to be able to improve the current situation of the refugees. The UNRWA plans […]

20 Jan

Leaning to US, Israeli Pressure, Annan Decides not to Reappoint UNRWA Head

January 20, 2005 9:18 AM IMEMC & Agencies Diplomacy, International, News Report 0

UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan has decided not to reappoint the head of the UN relief agency for Palestinians Peter Hansen, UN officials said on Wednesday. {mosimage}Anan’s decision came due to a long campaign against Hansen by Israel and the United States. Hansen, a Dane, has led the UN Relief and […]

26 May

UNRWA demands apology for ‘baseless charges’ against its Ambulance

Peter Hansen, Commissioner-General of the United Nations Relief andDrivers IMEMC Staff & Agencies, May 26, 2004 Peter Hansen, Commissioner-General of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) demanded Wednesday an apology and retraction from the Israeli Government and Military for the damaging and baseless allegations they […]

19 Mar

UNRWA: `‚ÄúIsraeli Army demolished 31 houses in Rafah in 24 hours`¬Ě

Army has completely demolished 31 houses, during its militaryIMEMC Staff, March 19, 2004 A report published by UNRWA, Thursday, revealed that the Israeli Army has completely demolished 31 houses, during its military operation in Rafah and its refugee camps Wednesday√ɬĘ√Ę‚Äö¬¨√ā¬Ě. A source at the UNRWA said that 47 families used […]

25 Sep

Israeli Troops Broke into and Searched a UNRWA Hospital in Qalqilyah

September 25, 2003 3:30 AM IMEMC & Agencies Israel, Israeli Politics, News Report 0

center of the West Bank city of Qalqyliah. Palestinian sourcesAbdul Hafiz, IMEMC, September 25, 2003 On Wednesday, Israeli troops broke into the UNRWA hospital in the center of the West Bank city of Qalqyliah. Palestinian sources reported that soldiers searched all the hospital sections, including the intensive care unit. Dr. […]

24 Jun

Soldiers Abduct Two Palestinians In Shu’fat Refugee Camp

Israeli soldiers abducted, Monday, two young Palestinian men from Shu‚Äôfat refugee camp, in the center of occupied East Jerusalem, and fired many gas bombs. The invasion was carried out by many army vehicles, before the soldiers stopped and abducted two young men. Local sources said the soldiers abducted the two […]

21 Jun

Donor Perceptions of Palestine: Limits to Aid Effectiveness

by¬†Jeremy Wildeman¬†for Al Shabaka Palesinian Policy Network Overview Funds from Western donors have comprised the majority of the more than¬†$36.2 billion¬†in development assistance spent on the¬†Palestinian economy¬†from 1993 to 2017. This spending, done in support of the Oslo peace process under US¬†political leadership¬†and World Bank¬†technical guidance, has largely been disbursed […]

11 Jun

Dr. Hanan Ashrawi Calls Out Trump’s “Peace Team”

Dr. Hanan Ashrawi, Executive Committee Member of the Palestinian Liberation Organization, has offered her respected opinion to Newsweek, regarding the U.S. so-called ‚Äúpeace plan‚ÄĚ, led by President Donald Trump‚Äôs son-in-law Jared Kushner. Ashrawi calls the trio of Jason Greenblatt, Jared Kushner, and David Friedman – ‚Äúa group of ideologically driven […]

15 May

Israel To Demolish A Building In Shu’fat Refugee Camp

Israeli soldiers and personnel of the Interior Ministry in occupied East Jerusalem invaded, on Wednesday morning, Shu‚Äôfat refugee camp, and delivered an order for the demolition of a building, used for weddings and other social events. Mahmoud Sheikh, the head of the Popular Committee in Shu‚Äôfat refugee camp, said the […]

15 May

Two Palestinian Children Killed By Landmine Near Damascus

Two Palestinian children were killed, less than a week ago, after a landmine detonated near the al-Bahdaliya area, in the suburb of Damascus. The documentation team of the ‚ÄúActions Group for the Palestinians In Syria‚ÄĚ has reported that Omar Mohammad As‚Äôad, 10, and Mohammad Samir Hamamda, 9, from Sayida Zeinab […]

06 May

Israeli Soldiers Destroyed 130 Residential Units, Damaged 700, In Three Days

The Palestinian Ministry for Public Works and Housing has reported that the Israeli shells and missiles, carried out against the Gaza Strip in less than three days of escalation, have destroyed 130 residential units, and caused damage to 700. In its Monday preliminary report, the Ministry said the soldiers destroyed […]

05 May

PLO Official “Deal of the Century, More About Dictations and Not a Peace Agreement”

Dr. Saeb Erekat, Secretary General of the Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization’s (PLO), pronounced Friday that the so-called U.S. “Deal of the Century” is “more about dictations and not a peace agreement that maybe reached through negotiations.‚ÄĚ In Ramallah City, central occupied West Bank, a delegation of 50 […]

01 May

On May First: Palestinian Detainees are Part of the International Workers’ Struggle

Classic Palestinian revolutionary poster for 1 May. Artist Marc Rudin On the First of May ‚Äď International Workers‚Äô Day ‚Äď Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network salutes Palestinian workers and the workers of the world. This is a day of struggle for the liberation of the working class from exploitation, racism, […]

01 May

Ambassador Mansour: Situation in Palestine Going ‚ÄúFrom Bad to Worse‚ÄĚ

The UN Security Council discussed, on Monday, in an open meeting chaired by Germany (the President of the Security Council for this month), the situation in Palestine over the past four months. The Palestine envoy to the United Nations, Ambassador Riyad Mansour, said, in his address to the Council, that […]

30 Apr

Demolitions Set for Two Public Buildings in Shu’fat Refugee Camp

The Israeli municipality of West Jerusalem has issued two demolition orders against two buildings in Shu’fat refugee camp, in occupied East Jerusalem, under the pretext of construction without permit, according to local WAFA sources. Sources said that Israeli police and border guards accompanied municipality staff who presented the camp‚Äôs popular […]

20 Apr

Who Lost the Arabs? Regional Relations with Palestine

by¬†Ibrahim Fraihat,¬†Nadine Naber,¬†Loubna Qutami,¬†Sherene Seikaly – on¬†April 18, 2019 Published From al-Shabaka – The Palestinian¬† Policy Network¬† Overview: Nadine Naber For decades, progressive political analysts have critiqued Arab states for abandoning the Palestinian struggle for liberation. According to this critique, while Arab governments often claim solidarity with Palestinians, their actions […]

22 Mar

PCHR Weekly Report On Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (14 ‚Äď 20 March 2019)

Israeli forces continued with systematic crimes, in the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt), for the week of 14 – 20 March, 2019. Israeli warplanes launch dozens of airstrikes on the Gaza Strip for five hours. Two million Palestinians have become victims of collective punishment policy amid a tide of incitement at […]

20 Mar

School Building Demolished in Shu’fat Refugee Camp

Israeli bulldozers, today, demolished an under-construction building belonging to a Palestinian school in the Shu’fat refugee camp of occupied East Jerusalem, on Tuesday. Dozens of Israeli soldiers escorted bulldozers into the refugee camp, surrounded the al-Razi School and went up rooftops of nearby buildings as drones flew overhead; Israeli bulldozers […]

15 Mar

Japanese Assistance to Palestine Amounts to $33 Million

The Government of Japan has contributed new assistance, for 2019, in the amount of $32,983,034, to the Palestinian people, for projects to be carried out through mainly United Nations organizations and international non-governmental organizations (INGOs), on Thursday. According to a press statement by the Representative Office of Japan to Palestine, […]

11 Mar

Foreign Ministry: UN Agency Not Affected by US Aid Cut

Palestinian Foreign Minister Riyad al-Maliki has says that the U.S. decision to stop financial aid, to a UN agency which supports Palestinian refugees, has not affected its works. ‚ÄúThanks to the contributions of many countries led by Turkey, UNRWA [United Nations Relief and Works Agency ] continues its services,‚ÄĚ al-Maliki […]

27 Feb

Israeli Officials Remove 41 Million NIS From Palestinian Authority Funding

Palestinian officials on Wednesday announced that they will not accept the illegal confiscation of NIS 41,000,000 by Israeli officials. This money was taken out of the tax funds that Israel collects for the Palestinian Authority. It is supposed to be transferred directly to the Palestinian Authority, according to the Oslo […]

24 Feb

Born Into an Uncertain Future: Palestinian Children in Occupied Jerusalem

Palestinian children are comforted as Israeli forces evict a Palestinian family from their home in Jerusalem’s Old City, February 17, 2019. Photo credit: Afif Amira for WAFA. POSTED BY:¬†AHMAD JARADAT¬†FEBRUARY 22, 2019 The next generation of Palestinians in the holy city face a web of discriminatory and violent Israeli policies. […]

17 Feb

Gaza Crisis Must Be ‚ÄúImmediately Addressed‚ÄĚ : Guterres

The Secretary-General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, addressed the Community on the Exercise of the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People, Friday, to discuss the humanitarian emergency in Palestine. Guterres emphasized the effect the crisis has had on the youth of Gaza, stressing that they are left with ‚Äúlittle […]

06 Feb

Abbas: PA Will Not Take Part in Any Conference Not Based on UN Resolutions

Mahmoud Abbas welcoming in Ramallah his Austrian counterpart Alexander Van der Bellen. (WAFA Images / Thayer Ghanayem)¬† PA President Mahmoud Abbas said, on Tuesday, that he will not take part in any peace conference on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict that will not be based on international United Nations resolutions. Speaking at […]

23 Jan

UN Officials Reaffirm that Forcible Transfers are In Breach of Geneva Convention

After visiting the Palestinian Sabbagh family, who is facing eviction from its home, in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood of occupied Jerusalem, for the benefit of Israeli settlers, United Nations and other officials have again warned that forced eviction and transfer of Palestinians are a breach of Fourth Geneva Convention. Jamie […]

17 Jan

Palestine Launches Bid for Full UN Membership

Palestine¬†will launch a bid to become a full member of the¬†United Nations, Palestinian Foreign Minister Riyad al-Maliki said on Tuesday. The bid will go ahead despite the¬†United States having said it will veto Palestine’s membership plans. “We know that we are going to face a US veto but that won’t […]

03 Jan

‚ÄėWe Will Remain Rooted On Our Land And Resist‚Äô

Israeli forces raid Khan al-Ahmar, July 5, 2018. Photo credit: Suleiman Abu Srour for WAFA. POSTED BY:¬†AHMAD JARADAT¬†JANUARY 3, 2019 Palestinian popular resistance has forestalled the demolition of Khan al-Ahmar, but Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu insists the village will be destroyed soon. Human rights groups¬†call¬†it a ‚Äúwar crime.‚ÄĚ United […]

02 Jan

DCIP: 2018 Reigned Deadly Force On Palestinian Children

Palestinian children stand near the ruins of the building where Al Aqsa channel was located and which was targeted the night before by an Israeli airstrike, Gaza City, November 13, 2018. (Photo: ActiveStills / Mohammad Zaanoun) Israeli forces continued to kill Palestinian children at an average pace exceeding one child […]

02 Jan

Israel & US Formally Ditch UNESCO

More than a year after announcing their withdrawal from the¬†United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), Israel and the United States‚Äô decision officially went into effect at the last second of December 31, 2018. UNESCO was the first UN body to grant full membership to Palestine in 2011, which […]

01 Jan

2018: Year in Review

by Mohan Chen- Bethlehem/PNN/ From a series of border protests in the Gaza Strip to thousands of new settlement units in the West Bank, 2018 has indeed been an eventful year in Palestine. As the year draws to a close, we have taken a moment to look back and compiled […]

28 Dec

Remembering the Israeli 2008 Offensive on Gaza (VIDEO)

Rebecca Stead is an MA graduate of SOAS University of London, focused on Middle Eastern Studies with Arabic, with special attention to the history, culture and politics of Israel-Palestine, specifically, and the Levant, more broadly. What: Israel waged a three-week military offensive against the Gaza Strip, killing almost 1,400 Palestinians […]

24 Dec

Leftist Factions Unite to Form The Palestinian National Democratic Assembly

Five leftist Palestinian political factions announced on Sunday the establishment of the Palestinian National Democratic Assembly, consisting of all five factions, in addition to senior social figures. The assembly is composed of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP), […]

23 Dec

Al Mezan Organizes Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law Child Art Award

On Thursday, 20 December 2018, Al Mezan Center for Human Rights, in cooperation¬†with the Ministry of Education (MoE), and United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), organized a ceremony to honor the winners of the child human rights and international humanitarian law annual art award for 2018.¬†Paintings by children of […]

21 Dec

PCHR: Weekly Report On Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (13 ‚Äď 19 December 2018)

Israeli forces continued with systematic crimes, in the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt), for the week of 13 ‚Äď 19 December, 2018. Israeli forces killed Ashraf Na‚Äôalwah in a crime of extra-judicial execution. 2 civilians, including an elderly, were killed in Ramallah and al-Bireh. 24 Palestinian civilians were wounded, including 7 […]

19 Dec

Plot to Depopulate Palestinian Refugee Camps in Lebanon

(photo:¬†Ein al-Hilweh refugee camp in Lebanon) by Ramzy Baroud An eerie video composed of a recorded audio prayer and a photo of one “Hajj Jamal Ghalaini” occasionally pops up on Facebook. The voice is that of an alleged religious sheikh, praying for the well-being of the man in the photo […]

17 Dec

Hebron Schools Gassed (VIDEO)

12/16/18, International Solidarity Movement,¬†Al-Khalil Team, Hebron, Occupied Palestine At 1pm, 4 Israeli occupation soldiers entered Salaymeh neighbourhood, Hebron. Activists were present from 12:30 pm and did not witness any stones thrown or other provocation. The soldiers fired 21 tear gas rounds in under 5 minutes into the street outside the […]

16 Dec

West Bank Witnesses Worst Escalation in This Year, Israeli Forces Kill 4 Palestinian Civilians within Only 48 Hours; Two of Them Were Extra-Judicially Executed

Ref: 133/2018 – Date: 15 December 2018 – Time: 13:00 GMT: The West Bank is witnessing the worst and most violent escalation by the Israeli forces and settlers in this year. Only within 48 hours, the Israeli forces killed 4 Palestinian civilians, including an elderly and 2 extra-judicially killed, and […]

11 Dec

Israeli Army Orders A Palestinian To Halt Construction Of His Home

Israeli soldiers invaded, Tuesday, the al-Walaja village, west of Bethlehem city in the occupied West Bank, delivered an order instructing a Palestinian to halt the construction of his home, and summoned three home owners for interrogation. Local media activist Ibrahim Awad said dozens of soldiers invaded the town, and handed […]

09 Dec

Soldiers Invade The Home Of Jerusalem Governor

December 9, 2018 2:57 PM IMEMC News Israeli attacks, Jerusalem, News Report, West Bank 0

Israeli soldiers invaded, Sunday, the home of Jerusalem Governor Adnan Gheith, in Silwan town, south of the al-Aqsa Mosque, in occupied East Jerusalem, and took measurements of the property. Dozens of soldiers surrounded the Governor‚Äôs home, before breaking into it using excessive force, and conducted provocative acts against the family. […]

02 Dec

Dr. Saeb Erekat: “Trump administration is trying to divide Palestinians.”

by Dr. Saeb Erekat, for Ma’an (Saeb Erekat is the secretary general of the Palestine Liberation Organisation and chief Palestinian negotiator.) A year ago, the Trump administration decided to recognise the illegal Israeli annexation of occupied Jerusalem and move the US embassy to Jerusalem, in violation of its obligations under […]

27 Nov

The EU and Jerusalem: The Potential for Pushback

by¬†Yara Hawari¬†, for Al-Shabaka Palestinian Policy Network. Overview The US embassy move from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem in May 2018 set¬†a dangerous precedent¬†that both encouraged Israel to continue its annexation and colonization of Palestinian land and invited third states to join in violating their obligations under international law. Although condemned […]

26 Nov

Israeli Media: USAID to Close Palestinian Branch by 2019

Haaretz Israeli newspaper said, on Sunday, that USAID relief organization is to close its Palestinian branch by 2019. Security sources reportedly assert that this move comes in the context of downsizing the UNRWA budgets, which was initiated by Washington, recently.   The sources added, according to Al Ray Palestinian Media […]