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18 May

Memorializing Slain Palestinian Protesters is ‘Incitement,’ Israeli Politicians Say

Palestinians protest at Hebrew University in Jerusalem, May 23, 2012. Photo credit: Afif Amira for WAFA. POSTED BY: COREY SHERMAN MAY 17, 2018 Palestinian student organizers respond to backlash: ‘if we irritated some people then we did our job.’ On May 16, 2018, Palestinian students at Jerusalem’s Bezalel Academy of Arts and […]

13 May

Jerusalem Municipality Resumes Evicting Palestinians from Sheikh Jarrah

Activists gather against the eviction of the Shamasna family in Sheikh Jarrah, March 1, 2013. Photo credit: Wadi Hilweh Information Center. POSTED BY: AMALYA DUBROVSKY MAY 11, 2018 At least 75 Palestinian families live under threat of eviction in the East Jerusalem neighborhood. Jerusalem municipal authorities delivered an eviction notice to In’am […]

10 May

April: Human Rights Violations in Hebron

Confrontations between young men and the occupation forces in the center of Hebron, April 20, 2018. Photo credit: Mashhour Wahawah for WAFA. POSTED BY: AHMAD JARADAT MAY 9, 2018 Israeli occupation forces and settlers continue to commit human rights violations against Palestinians in the West Bank district of Hebron. On April 8, […]

03 May

Israeli Forces Demolish Apartment Building, Displace 17 Palestinians in Jerusalem

Bulldozers from the Israeli municipality of West Jerusalem demolishing a Palestinian residential building in al-Eesawiyya, May 1, 2018. Photo credit: Afif Amireh for WAFA. POSTED BY: AHMAD JARADAT MAY 2, 2018 The demolition was completely unexpected. The owner was paying off a 250 thousand-shekel fine in an attempt to save his building. […]

27 Apr

Israeli Forces Uproot, Steal 60 Olive Trees in Jerusalem

Israeli forces uproot and steal olive trees in Sur Baher, April 23, 2018. Photo credit: Israel Land Authority. POSTED BY: AMALYA DUBROVSKY APRIL 26, 2018 Israeli authorities plan to build a new settlement in Sur Baher for Israeli police and military. Using bulldozers, cranes and armed police, Israeli authorities uprooted at least […]

27 Apr

Settlers Knock on Palestinians’ Doors, Tell Them to Leave their Homes

The day after settlers seize the Zaatari family’s home in downtown Hebron, March 27, 2018. Photo credit: WAFA. POSTED BY: ALTERNATIVE INFORMATION CENTER APRIL 26, 2018 Settlers attack the homes of the Kfeisheh and Jaber families in occupied Hebron. The same group of settlers who recently occupied the Za’tari home in downtown Hebron attempted to displace the […]

20 Apr

Israel Shutters Media Organization Serving Palestinian Youth in Jerusalem

An Israeli defense ministry order to close the Elia Youth Media Foundation is taped to its doors, April 12, 2018. Photo credit: the Wadi Hilweh Information Center. POSTED BY: AMALYA DUBROVSKY APRIL 19, 2018 Palestinians condemn the closure as a blatant attempt to undermine Palestinian presence in the holy city and stifle […]

18 Apr

Escalating Settler Attacks Create State of Anxiety in West Bank

A resident of the Palestinian village of al-Sawiyeh stands next to his car after it was vandalized by settlers on April 17, 2018. Photo credit: WAFA/Ayman Noubani POSTED BY: ALTERNATIVE INFORMATION CENTER APRIL 17, 2018 Three Palestinian villages wake up to sweeping property damage and racist graffiti. In the early morning on […]

17 Apr

Settlers Seize Three Palestinian-owned Apartments in Jerusalem

Members of the Ruweidi family after settlers take over their homes with the help of the Israeli police, April 8, 2018. Photo credit: the Wadi Hilweh Information Center. POSTED BY: AMALYA DUBROVSKY APRIL 17, 2018 Israeli police supervised the seizure, which displaced 13 members of the Ruweidi family. Israeli police assisted colonial […]

11 Apr

Occupation Captured

POSTED BY: CHRISTIAN PEACEMAKER TEAMS APRIL 10, 2018 Photos of Palestinian life and Israeli occupation in the West Bank city of Hebron. Segregation Pictured here: The Jewish holiday of Passover took place between March 30 and April 7 this year. During the Jewish celebrations, Palestinians face an increase in restrictions of movement and […]

29 Mar

Renaming the 1948 War: Partition, Dispossession and Fragmentation

A local artist from the village of Taffouh depicts the struggles and dreams of the Palestinian people in a mural at the entrance to the local school, Taffouh High School, February 2018. Photo credit: Christian Peacemaker Teams. POSTED BY: RICHARD FALK MARCH 27, 2018 Controlling the discourse Israel has been brilliant over […]

27 Mar

VIDEO: A History of Arab Nationalism or “Pan-Arabism”

Nassar Ibrahim, the director of the Alternative Information Center, explains the concept of pan-Arabism, its history in the Middle East, and how it affects the region today. 03/24/18 What is Palestinian-Israeli Co-resistance?

24 Mar

What is Palestinian-Israeli Co-resistance?

photo: (AIC) Palestinian and Israeli activists march in the West Bank city of Hebron to mark the Ibrahimi Mosque massacre and oppose the occupation, March 2017.  POSTED BY: NASSAR IBRAHIM MARCH 23, 2018 Palestinian-Israeli co-resistance is a political, social and cultural necessity imposed by the reality of the protracted occupation. Palestinian-Israeli co-resistance […]

22 Mar

Occupation Captured: Photos of Palestinian Life and Israeli Occupation in the West Bank City of Hebron.

Arrests in al-Khalil Pictured here:  A local man from al-Khalil was arrested for two hours. Initially stopped outside one of the checkpoints, the man was then taken to the Israeli military base. The Prisoners and Liberties Affairs Association, Palestinian Prisoners Club, Addameer Prisoner Support and Human Rights Association, and Al […]

13 Mar

Israel Empowers Itself to Revoke IDs of Palestinians in Jerusalem

POSTED BY: ALTERNATIVE INFORMATION CENTER MARCH 13, 2018 “Betraying” the Israeli occupation, under the new law, is grounds to revoke permanent residency status. On March 7, 2018, Israeli parliament passed a new law that empowers the interior minister to revoke the permanent residency status of Palestinians living in East Jerusalem. Specifically, the law enables […]

10 Mar

Israeli Officials Prevent Umm al-Fahm from Naming Streets after Palestinian Leaders

POSTED BY: ALTERNATIVE INFORMATION CENTER Photo credit: Creative Commons, Wikimedia. Umm al Fahm, one of the largest Palestinian cities in Israel’s 1948 borders, continues to lack street names and house numbers. Of the 301 street names selected by the Umm al-Fahm municipality, the Israeli Interior Ministry has stalled the approval of […]

04 Mar

Haim Hanegbi Bajayo, the Palestinian Hebronite Jew

A native of the Jewish community of Hebron and founder of Matzpen, Haim Hanegbi Bajayo passes away on March 2nd, 2018. POSTED BY: AHMAD JARADAT MARCH 2, 2018 The Palestinian and Hebronite Jew, as he liked to say. The man who formed a committee of Hebronite Jews after 1967 to stand against […]